(名詞) 婚禮籌備期間態度從容、輕鬆、冷靜、不慌張的準新娘。亦寫成 bride-chilla

Anita is a bridechilla, the type of bride who wants her and her fiancé's day to be special but not at the expense of going crazy, broke or sending friends and family running for cover.
—Alana Schetzer, "Bridechilla: The anti-bridezilla of weddings," Mamamia, August 10, 2013

But the level-headed model has kept her cool in the run-up to her big day and is not a stressed-out Bridezilla.

"I'm not a Bridezilla anyway," she said.

"My sister keeps calling me a Bridechilla because I'm so chilled about everything. It's all really very relaxed."
—Melanie Finn, "Sarah leaves model friends behind for 'amazing' hen party," The Evening Herald (Dublin, Ireland), April 30, 2014