unexpected red theory

(名詞/不可數) 意外紅色理論 - 一種室內設計趨勢,其理念是任何房間如果添加一項紅色物品或特徵,它們看起來都會更具吸引力,尤其是當紅色看起來很奇怪或與房間裡的其他顏色不搭配時。

Unexpected red theory: the viral decorating trend everyone's talking about. According to TikTok, the newly coined "unexpected red theory" is the secret to making any space look better. Essentially, it's adding anything that's red – be it big or small – to a room where it doesn't match at all, transforming the space in one fell swoop.
[housebeautiful.com, 27 February 2024]

意外的紅色理論:這是每個人都在談論的爆紅裝飾趨勢。根據「抖音」(TikTok),新創造的「意外紅色理論」是讓任何空間看起來都更好的秘訣。本質上,它是將任何紅色的東西 — 不管大小 — 添加到一個完全不搭配的房間裡,一舉轉變了空間。


Atlantic diet

(名詞/單數) 大西洋飲食 - 一種以西班牙西北部和葡萄牙典型食物為主的飲食方式。

The "Atlantic diet" — what some experts are calling a variation on Mediterranean eating — is getting some buzz after a study found adherents to the diet had a significantly lower risk of chronic health problems. One of the main differences between the Atlantic diet and the Mediterranean diet is that the Atlantic version incorporates more brassicas, which is a family of vegetables that includes turnip greens, turnips, kale, cabbage and cauliflower.
[washingtonpost.com, 19 February 2024]

繼一項研究的結果公布之後,「大西洋飲食」 — 一些專家稱之為地中海飲食的變體 — 引起了一些熱議。該項研究發現,堅持這種飲食的人罹患慢性健康問題的風險大幅降低。大西洋飲食和地中海飲食之間的主要差異之一是,大西洋飲食包含較多的蕓薹屬植物,這是一種蔬菜科,包括青蘿蔔、蕪菁 (或大頭菜)、羽衣甘藍、包心菜和花椰菜。


blue card

(名詞/可數) 藍牌 - 足球裁判向犯規的球員出示的一張小藍牌,而該球員將被罰下場暫時坐到受罰席 (sin bin)。

The prospect of sin bins in football has moved a step closer, with it being reported that the International Football Association Board [IFAB] is planning to make an announcement to trial sin bins in the professional game. It is also being reported that officials would carry a blue card to signify a player had been sent to the sin bin. A spell of 10 minutes in the sin bin would follow a blue card.
[tntsports.co.uk, 8 February 2024]

足球受罰席的前景又向前邁進了一步,據報導,國際足總理事會 (IFAB) 正計劃宣佈在職業比賽中試行受罰席。另據報導,裁判會出示一張藍牌,表示 (犯規的) 球員被罰下場,暫時坐到受罰席。收到藍牌後,將坐在受罰席 10 分鐘。


popcorn brain

(名詞/不可數) 爆米花腦 - 一種心理狀況,即某人無法將心思和注意力集中在任何事情上,這被認為是由於在社交媒體上花費太多時間所造成。

A psychologist has warned against scrolling on your phone and ending up with "popcorn brain". Yup, popcorn brain. You may already feel like your head is filled with soup – it only having taken two months of 2024 to burn you out – but now you should also worry about your brain popping like pieces of corn according to one psychologist.
[unilad.com, 20 February 2024]

一名心理學家警告不要滑手機,否則最終將導致「爆米花腦」。沒錯,就是爆米花腦。你可能已經覺得自己的腦袋裡好像灌滿了湯 — 2024 年僅僅過了兩個月就讓你筋疲力盡了 — 但一名心理學家表示,現在你也應該擔心你的大腦會像玉米粒一樣爆開。


bookshelf wealth

(名詞/不可數) 書架財富 - 一種室內設計趨勢,就是人們在家裡的書架上擺滿了書籍及其他他們真正喜歡的物品,而不是為了看起來聰明或時尚才展示這些東西。

There's a brand new trend popping up on TikTok known as "bookshelf wealth" – but according to design professionals, it's not a trend at all. Many interior design experts have suggested that "bookshelf wealth" actually encourages the opposite of trend-led behaviour. Bookshelf wealth is all about playing the long game when it comes to filling your home up with beautiful pieces that you really treasure, that mean something to you, and that you've collected over the years.
[idealhome.co.uk, 29 January 2024]

抖音 (TikTok) 上出現一種被稱為「書架財富」的全新趨勢,但根據設計專業人士的說法,這根本不是一種趨勢。許多室內設計專家認為,「書架財富」實際上係在激勵與引領潮流趨勢的行為相反的行為。書架財富就是在進行一場長期的遊戲,用你真正珍惜的、對你有意義的以及你多年來所收集的美麗書籍和物品來填滿你的家。


loud budgeting

(名詞/不可數) 大聲的預算 - 向別人開誠佈公地說出自己想省錢,對於不想花錢的地方就不會花錢的做法。

The loud budgeting movement exploded on TikTok earlier this year, and it’s easy to see why. Loud budgeting is all about setting financial boundaries and making your money goals loud and clear when facing pressure to spend. Loud budgeting is a financial strategy that puts your money aspirations front and center for friends and family to see. It involves clearly vocalizing why you might choose not to spend money — even if you have it.
[cnet.com, 17 February 2024]

今年稍早,大聲預算運動在抖音 (TikTok) 上爆發,原因顯而易見。大聲的預算就是在面臨支出壓力時設定財務界限並讓您的財務目標眾所周知而且清晰明確。大聲的預算是一種財務策略,它將您的金錢願望放在最重要的位置,讓朋友和家人都看到。這包括清楚地說出為什麼您可能選擇不花錢 — 即使您有錢。



(名詞/單數) 一天吃一餐 ("one meal a day" 的縮寫) - 這是目前流行的數種間歇性斷食法 (intermittent fasting) 之一。

OMAD is an extreme fasting diet. As the name suggests, it involves eating just one big meal a day, with fasting or very minimal eating in between. The key focus of this kind of diet is weight control and simplicity. But while fasting itself isn't new, the research on its health impacts is still in its infancy and there are very few studies on OMAD and the evidence supporting other more periodic types of fasting can't necessarily be extrapolated into extreme fasting.
[sciencefocus.com, 25 May 2023]

OMAD 是一種極端的斷食減重法。顧名思義,它就是每天只吃一頓大餐,兩餐之間禁食或吃很少的食物。這種斷食法的重點是控制體重和簡化生活。但是,儘管斷食本身並不新穎,但有關它對健康影響的研究仍處於初步階段,而且有關 OMAD 的研究也很少;至於支持其他週期性 (即間歇性) 斷食類型的證據未必能被推斷為極端的斷食。



(名詞/不可數) 外表吸引力最大化 - 男人 (通常) 透過整形手術使自己盡可能有吸引力的行動或作法。這個字是動詞 looksmaxx 的動名詞。

Looksmaxxing has existed for at least a decade, but has exploded in recent months from obscure forums and Reddit pages into mainstream social media – and TikTok in particular. Impossibly chiselled jaws, pouty lips and cheekbones as high as the Egyptian pyramids are prized, along with "hunter" eyes (those angled slightly downwards towards the nose – a positive canthal tilt).
[theguardian.com, 15 February 2024]

Looksmaxxing 已經存在至少十年,但最近幾個月從不起眼的論壇和 Reddit 頁面爆發到主流社交媒體,尤其是抖音 (TikTok)。輪廓分明的下巴、撅起的嘴唇和與埃及金字塔一樣高的顴骨,以及「獵人」的眼睛 (那些稍微向下傾斜到鼻子的眼睛 — 正內眥傾斜) 都受到重視和珍愛。



(形容詞) 零劑量的- 零劑量兒童是指從未接受過大多數兒童所接受的任何常規疫苗接種的兒童。

Since 2019, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of zero-dose children globally due to COVID-19 disruptions, increased economic crises and conflict, and declines in vaccine confidence … To turn the tide on this unprecedented increase in zero-dose children, it is essential to know who and where these children are so we can reach every child with life-saving vaccinations.
[data.unicef.org, April 2023]

自 2019 年以來,由於新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的干擾、經濟危機和衝突加劇以及疫苗信心下降,全球零劑量兒童數量急劇增加 … 為了扭轉零劑量兒童空前增加的趨勢,了解這些兒童是誰以及他們在哪裡至關重要,以便我們能夠為每個兒童接種挽救生命的疫苗。



(名詞/可數) 人類機器人 - 用人體細胞製成的非常小的機器人 (微型機器人)。

Scientists have created tiny living robots from human cells that can move around in a lab dish and may one day be able to help heal wounds or damaged tissue … A team at Tufts University and Harvard University's Wyss Institute have dubbed these creations anthrobots. The research builds on earlier work from some of the same scientists, who made the first living robots, or xenobots, from stem cells sourced from embryos of the African clawed frog.

[cnn.com, 30 November 2023]

科學家已用人類細胞創造出微型活機器人,它們可以在實驗室培養皿中移動,有一天也許能幫助治癒傷口或受損組織 … 塔夫茨大學和哈佛大學維斯研究所的一個團隊將這些創造物稱為「人類機器人」。這項研究係植基於這些科學家先前的研究基礎上,他們先前利用非洲爪蟾 (或稱非洲爪蛙) 胚胎的幹細胞製造出第一批活體機器人 (xenobots)。