marry off; marry up; measure up to

marry * off +
把 (某人) 嫁出去;為 (某人,尤其是子女) 找結婚對象
She was married off to a doctor under the age of 16. (她未滿 16 歲就被嫁給了一名醫生)
They married their daughter off to a wealthy businessman. (他們把自己的女兒嫁給一名富商)
He has married off all his daughters. (他把女兒都嫁出去了)

marry up
The two lists did not marry up. (這兩份清單不相符)
The two versions of the story don't quite marry up. (那件事的兩種說法不太一致)

marry * up +
(使) 匹配;(使) 結合
They need to marry up the names on their list with those on our list and see what the overlap is. (他們和我們名單上的名字需要比對一下,看看有沒有重複)

marry up
John would like to meet a rich woman so that he could marry up. (約翰想要認識有錢的女人,好讓自己可以娶到社會地位或階級較高的人)

measure up to +
Tom could never measure up to his father's expectations. (湯姆可能永遠都無法達到他父親的期望)