(名詞) 大多由木材所建造的高大建築物。亦寫成 ply-scraper。這個字是由 plywood (三夾板) + skyscraper (摩天大樓) 拼綴而成。

When a little-known Canadian architect suggested last year that a skyscraper could be made almost entirely from wood, the head of wood engineering at one of Britain's biggest builders scoffed. When the architects responsible for the world's tallest building touted a similar "plyscraper" in May, the idea became harder to dismiss.
—"Plyscrapers," The Economist, July 4, 2013

The buildings they envision have been dubbed "plyscrapers." Their halting arrival into the mainstream of architecture represents a test case for whether the goal of sustainability can motivate a reversal of both long-term construction norms and the laws that have grown around them.
—Courtney Humphries, "Will cities of the future be built of wood?," The Boston Globe, July 6, 2014