(名詞) 不是母親的女性,尤指因無法控制的因素、環境或境遇而做不了母親、而非自己選擇不當母親 (不生小孩) 的女性。這個字是由 not + mother 拼綴而成。

Once I'd begun to make peace with this idea, I felt I could start moving forwards. And I discovered I was far from alone. There were plenty of us so-called 'NoMos' (Not Mothers) out there.
—Rachel Lloyd, "'Why, aged 40, I'm finally happy to be a NoMo (that's a Not Mother)'," The Telegraph, August 15, 2014

Now there is even a new word for people like myself, Jennifer and the one in five women who find themselves in their mid-40s without children: NoMos, short for "not mothers."
—Amanda Revell Walton, "Like Jennifer Aniston, I've accepted I'll never be a mum — why can't you?," Daily Express, September 4, 2014