World's biggest bottle of wine/世界最大瓶的葡萄酒

World's biggest bottle of wine
Anybody want to share a bottle of red? A group of Chinese winemakers have claimed the new world record for the world's biggest ever bottle of wine.

The 15ft (457 cm) high bottle contains an astonishing 1,850 litres of booze, produced by Wang Chen Wines in Liaoning, northern China.

That's over three times the amount held by the previous record-holders, Austrian winemakers Kracher, whose bottle held 490 litres of Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005.

'We are very proud, and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate,' said a company spokesman. (Metro)


red -- (n.) 紅葡萄酒 (= red wine)。

winemaker -- (n.) 葡萄酒製造商。

15ft (457 cm) -- (n.) 15 英尺 (457 公分)。測量單位縮寫後可與數值寫在一起或分開,如 heights of 5, 10, and 20 cm, from 1.2m to 1.8m。縮寫後的測量單位,複數也不加 s。

astonishing -- (adj.) 令人驚訝的;驚人的。

booze -- (n.) (口語) 酒 (alcoholic drink)。在此指的是 wine。booze 亦可當動詞用,意為「喝酒」(to drink alcohol)。

over three times the amount -- (phr.) 某數量的三倍多。英文表示倍數的寫法為「倍數詞 + 數量」,而超過幾倍要用「more than 或 over + 倍數詞 + 數量」,如 more than double that amount, over three times the amount。

record-holder -- (n.) 紀錄保持者。

have a glass -- (v.) 喝一杯。



(名詞) 分散式阻斷金錢攻擊 -- 將一筆罰款或費用拆成許多筆小額電子款項來支付的伎倆或手段,尤其是當每筆付款所產生的交易成本大於該筆款項時。DDo$ 為 Distributed Denial of Dollars 的縮寫,而這個縮寫字是仿效駭客慣用攻擊伎倆之一的分散式阻斷服務 (Distributed Denial of Service, DDoS) 攻擊所創造的。

P2P-ers furious over the Pirate Bay case are being asked to get back at lawyers for the entertainment industry via the counter-intuitive route of ostensibly giving them money.

By sending very small amounts of money of 1 SEK ($0.13) to Danowsky & Partners, who brought the prosecution, through the Swedish web-based payment service internet-avgift, the ruse could make lawyers lose out after fees for the transaction are taken into account. The cunning so-called Distributed Denial of Dollars attack (DDo$) is apparently the brainchild of Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm.
—John Leyden, "Pirate-pursuing lawyers get DDo$ money transfer slap," The Register, May 12, 2009