Ziggy the painting dog/狗畫家Ziggy

Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh. To these great names, you can now add another: that of Ziggy, a three-year-old Pekingese dog who has taken the art world by storm.

Well, okay, not really. But he does make paintings, which real people actually buy, for money.

Ziggy the painting dog

Ziggy, who lives with his owner Elizabeth Monacelli in southern California, creates his masterpieces with the aid of a paper towel roll, which is attached to a paintbrush. Grasping the roll in his teeth, he creates abstract (i.e. blobby) works of art.

'He does have an extremely artistic temperament compared to other dogs I own,' Monacelli says. She also says that she usually plays him Chinese Qigong music to help get him in the artistic mood.

Ziggy's artworks have fetched up to $250 (around NT$8500) at auction, with the money going to animal rescue organisations. (Metro)

Ziggy the painting dog


Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh -- (n.) 林布蘭 (荷蘭畫家);莫內 (法國畫家);畢卡索 (西班牙畫家);梵谷 (荷蘭畫家)。

Pekingese dog -- (n.) 北京狗。

take … by storm -- (v.) 在…大獲成功;完全征服;風靡。to take the art world by storm:在藝術界大放異彩。

masterpiece -- (n.) 傑作。

with the aid of -- (prep.) 藉助於;在…的協助下。

paper towel roll -- (n.) 紙巾捲筒。

grasp…in his teeth -- (v.) 用他的牙齒咬住。

abstract -- (adj.) 抽象的。

blobby -- (adj.) 斑斑點點的。

works of art -- (n.) 藝術作品。與最後一段的 artworks 同義。

artistic -- (adj.) 藝術的。

temperament -- (n.) 氣質;性情。

play him Chinese Qigong music -- (v.) 播放中國氣功音樂給他聽。這是 play 接雙受詞的句型,如 He played us a tune on the piano. (他在鋼琴上彈奏一首曲子給我們聽) = He played a tune for/to us on the piano. (他在鋼琴上為我們彈奏一首曲子)

fetch -- (v.) (尤指拍賣auction) 售得,賣得。The painting is expected to fetch up to $200,000. (這幅畫可望拍到20萬美元)。

animal rescue organization -- (n.) 動物救援組織。