movement director

(名詞/可數) 動作導演 - 為時裝模特兒創造一系列在伸展台上表演之動作的人。

Though the Poland-born creative has been collaborating with Galliano and the Margiela in-house team since 2018, in addition to working closely with other major brands like Versace and Tom Ford, his journey to becoming one of the most sought-after movement directors today has been nothing short of intriguing, with notable stints in dance, acting and modelling.
[, 20 March 2024]

儘管這位出生於波蘭的創意人士自 2018 年以來就一直與 Galliano 和 Margiela 內部團隊合作,此外他還與 Versace 和 Tom Ford 等其他主要品牌密切合作,但他成為當今最受歡迎的動作導演之一的歷程,是他在舞蹈、表演和模特兒方面有著顯著的成就,極為吸引人。


tour tourism

(名詞/不可數) 巡迴演唱會之旅 - 出國觀看歌手或樂團現場演唱會的活動。巡迴演唱會的英文叫做 concert tour 或簡稱 tour。舉辦巡迴演唱會的歌手叫做 touring singer, touring artist。

Tour tourism is just like the usual travel that people make to go to another place, only this time they go on a journey to see their favorite artist perform. Expedia, an online travel brand, notices a sharp increase in it and sees Taylor Swift as the reason behind it. Aside from Taylor Swift, another equally famous pop star also caused the soar of tour tourism: Beyoncé and her Renaissance Tour.
[, 12 November 2023]

巡迴演唱會之旅就像人們平常前往另一個地方旅行一樣,只不過這次是為了去看自己喜歡的歌手的演出。網路旅遊品牌 Expedia 注意到巡迴演唱會之旅急劇增長,並將泰勒絲視為背後的致因。除了泰勒絲之外,另一位同樣著名的流行歌手也帶動了巡迴演唱會之旅的蓬勃發展:碧昂絲和她的文藝復興巡迴演唱會。(譯註:泰勒絲的巡迴演唱會名稱叫做 The Eras Tour)


nepo baby

(名詞/可數) 裙帶小孩 - 演員、音樂家等名流的小孩,他們因為父母的關係而獲得成功。Nepo 這個字是 nepotism (裙帶關係) 的縮略。

They would just like to add that Hollywood nepotism is more complicated than it appears, and just because one is born a nepo baby does not mean they aren’t also human beings with emotions and nuanced inner lives as they navigate a harsh spotlight in the social media era and try to live up to enormous expectations.
[, 1 August 2022]



(名詞/不可數) 紀錄實境秀 - 由部分紀錄片和部分真人實境秀結合而成的電視節目。這個字是由 documentary 和 reality show 拼綴而成。

Channel 4 is bringing a whole load of entertainment to screens in 2021. From Married at First Sight UK to brand new series, Highlife, there's no end of reality TV to delve into this year. Dubbed a 'docuality' series, Highlife combines documentary-style elements with some reality TV and provides an insight into the lives of a very hardworking and glamorous group of friends.
[, 10 September 2021]


ocean vinyl

(名詞/不可數) 海洋黑膠 - 使用在海洋中發現的回收塑膠材料來製作的黑膠唱片。

In 2019, Mercury Prize-nominated singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey achieved a world first by releasing his single In The Anthropocene on what has become known as "ocean vinyl". "Ocean vinyl was a high-quality playable record made entirely from recycled plastic from the local ocean found in beach combs in the south of the UK," says the musician.
[, 24 June 2021]



(名詞) 從未訂閱有線電視節目的人。亦寫成 cord nevercordnever。這個字源自多年前出現的 cord-cutter (取消目前訂閱的有線電視節目的人)。

The only read we can get on cord-nevers is through surveys. A recent U.S. poll by Forrester Research, for example, provides startling numbers. Its online survey of 32,000 American adults found that of the 24 per cent who say they don’t pay for cable, only six per cent are cord-cutters, while 18 per cent are cord-nevers.
—Sophia Harris, “Cord-nevers could be bigger threat to TV than cord-cutters,” CBC News, November 9, 2015

Comcast’s own streaming service aimed at cord cutters and more so the ‘cord nevers’ who never sign up for cable, has now launched.
—Sarah Perez, “Comcast appeals to ‘cord nevers’ with launch of Xfinity Instant TV service,” TechCrunch, September 27, 2017


guerrilla drive-in

(名詞) 臨時在閒置的空地架設的路邊電影院 (drive-in theater or drive-in movie theater)。複數為 guerrilla drive-ins

Jeff Hull, an artist who owns a production company in San Francisco, came up with the idea for Oaklandish in the late 1990s. He wanted to create an ongoing public art project dedicated to uniting the city…He hosted guerrilla drive-in movies in abandoned parking lots where he would screen documentaries about Oakland.
—Jessie Schiewe, “Oaklandish: Booming business rooted in Oakland pride,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 2, 2015

Drive-in theaters have come a long way since the outdoor Theatre de Guadalupe in New Mexico first welcomed cars to join seated crowds at screenings in 1915. But decades of growth up through the 1950s and 60s gave way to decline in the 70s and 80s. A recent “guerrilla drive-in” movement, however, has begun to reinvent the concept, using new technologies to create mobile open-air theaters in the hearts of cities.
—Kurt Kohlstedt, “Guerrilla Drive-Ins: Mobile Urban Movie Theaters Animate Disused Spaces,” 99% Invisible, April 3, 2017

(圖片來源:99% Invisible)

(圖片來源:99% Invisible)



(名詞) 稱呼性取向或性別認同與眾不同的人士的概括詞。參見 folks。

According to the T-FFED team, social media enables access to resources, support and information from which “trans and gender-diverse folx (especially folx of color) have been historically barred by gatekeeping on the part of the medical industrial complex.”
—Julie Zeilinger, “These Amazing Activists Prove Beauty Comes in All Sizes,” Mic, February 6, 2015

This moment of increased student activism has fostered a culture of competitive social consciousness. We trade in knowing the latest Twitter debacle, using jargon like “folx” and having read the most radical think-piece on “Formation.”
—Madeleine Chang, “How do we know what we don’t know?,” The Stanford Daily, February 25, 2016



(形容詞) (電影) 讓男性觀眾感動得落淚的。亦寫成 guy cry

Shawshank falls under the rubric of “guy cry” movies. Though Deakins’s nuanced cinematography is lost on the small screen, watching Shawshank on TV allows a man to shed a few cathartic tears…while ensconced on his Barcalounger in the privacy of his home.
—Margaret Heidenry, “The Little-Known Story of How The Shawshank Redemption Became One of the Most Beloved Films of All Time,” Vanity Fair, September 22, 2014

I’m left with a personal dilemma at times when it comes to ‘guy-cry’ films like this, where you know what’s going to happen, you may get emotional about it, whatever. But if the film doesn’t deliver on those promises, I sometimes wonder if I’ve finally donated what’s left of my soul to the great and growing ocean of cynicism that comes with film criticism.
—Ryan Keefer, “My All American (Blu-ray),” DVD Talk, March 8, 2016



(名詞) 害怕 (外出) 交際應酬;害怕 (外出) 參加社交活動。亦寫成 fogo。這是 fear of going out 的頭字語 (acronym)。

Forget FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) — now we’re more likely to have FOGO (Fear of Going Out), thanks to things like rush hour traffic, stressful work weeks on-demand TV and fast food delivery services. But is staying in too much actually bad for us?
—Laura Millar, “Do you suffer from FOGO?,” Friday, October 17, 2014

I believe that I have developed the opposite of FOMO, in fact: I have a case of FOGO, or Fear of Going Out. Okay, well not literally a fear of going out. I still love a party. Always have and always will. But I have an active non-desire to attend the mass-Instagrammed events that clog up all my social-media feeds on several-week-long intervals throughout the year.
—Alexis Swerdloff, “FOGO Is the New FOMO,” New York Magazine, April 17, 2015