World's biggest bottle of wine/世界最大瓶的葡萄酒

World's biggest bottle of wine
Anybody want to share a bottle of red? A group of Chinese winemakers have claimed the new world record for the world's biggest ever bottle of wine.

The 15ft (457 cm) high bottle contains an astonishing 1,850 litres of booze, produced by Wang Chen Wines in Liaoning, northern China.

That's over three times the amount held by the previous record-holders, Austrian winemakers Kracher, whose bottle held 490 litres of Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005.

'We are very proud, and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate,' said a company spokesman. (Metro)


red -- (n.) 紅葡萄酒 (= red wine)。

winemaker -- (n.) 葡萄酒製造商。

15ft (457 cm) -- (n.) 15 英尺 (457 公分)。測量單位縮寫後可與數值寫在一起或分開,如 heights of 5, 10, and 20 cm, from 1.2m to 1.8m。縮寫後的測量單位,複數也不加 s。

astonishing -- (adj.) 令人驚訝的;驚人的。

booze -- (n.) (口語) 酒 (alcoholic drink)。在此指的是 wine。booze 亦可當動詞用,意為「喝酒」(to drink alcohol)。

over three times the amount -- (phr.) 某數量的三倍多。英文表示倍數的寫法為「倍數詞 + 數量」,而超過幾倍要用「more than 或 over + 倍數詞 + 數量」,如 more than double that amount, over three times the amount。

record-holder -- (n.) 紀錄保持者。

have a glass -- (v.) 喝一杯。


Cheeky Amanda uses stilettos to cover her assets/調皮的艾曼達用細跟高跟鞋遮住她的資產

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden is seen here demonstrating a novel way of wearing your shoes.

The Britain's Got Talent judge stripped down to a pair of leopard print knickers and kept her modesty intact by placing a pair of silver stilettos over her bosom.

The 38-year-old actress was pictured in the racy pose as part of a charity campaign to raise funds for research into women’s illnesses including ovarian cancer. (Daily Mail)


這位英國版超級星光大道 (Britain's Got Talent) 節目的評審脫得僅剩一件豹紋內褲,但為了不失端莊,她將一雙銀色細跟高跟鞋放在她傲人的胸部上。

這位現年 38 歲的女星擺出撩人的姿態拍照,此舉係一項慈善募款活動的一環,所募得的款項將用作研究卵巢癌等女性疾病的經費。


cheeky -- (adj.) 調皮的,淘氣的;沒分寸的,放肆的。

stiletto -- (n.) 細跟高跟鞋。複數為 stilettos 或stilettoes。

strip -- (v.) 脫 (衣服)。strip down to 意為「脫到僅剩…」。

leopard print -- (n.) 豹紋。

knickers -- (n.) (英) 女性內褲。美國叫做 panties。

keep one’s modesty intact -- (phr.) 不失端莊。modesty (n.):(尤指女性的) 端莊;intact (adj.):完整無缺的,原封不動的,未受損傷的。

bosom -- (n.) (女性的) 胸部。bosom 亦可用來指女性的乳房,bosom 是一個,bosoms 是兩個;不過,在指女性胸部大小時,bosom 則被視為整體,即一對乳房,如 a woman with an ample bosom (大胸脯女人;波霸女人)。

racy -- (adj.) 撩人的;猥褻的。

charity campaign to raise funds -- (n.) 慈善募款活動。

ovarian cancer -- (n.) 卵巢癌。ovary (n.):卵巢。


Indian boy weds dog to ward off tiger attack/印幼童娶狗為妻以防老虎攻擊

A dogAround 150 Indian tribespeople have married off a toddler to a female dog in eastern India in a bid to prevent his predicted death at the hands of a tiger.

The ceremony at a Hindu temple in Orissa state's Jajpur district was conducted with all the rituals observed at traditional weddings, including a dowry for the bride -- the village bitch.

The dog sported two silver rings and a silver chain, the UNI news agency reported.

Parents of the groom, one-and-a-half year old Sangula, were advised to arrange the marriage when they noticed a tooth growing from their infant son's upper gum -- considered a bad omen.

Community elders believed the growth would lead to the boy being killed in a tiger attack -- a fate preventable, according to tribal tradition, by marrying a dog.

Sanrumula Munda, Sangula's father, said the ceremony would not prevent him from marrying properly when he comes of age.

The dog belongs to the groom's neighbors and was set free to roam around the area after the ceremony. The boy will still be able to marry a human bride in the future without filing for divorce.

Indian law does not recognize weddings between people and animals, but the ritual survives in rural and tribal areas of the country. (Reuters/AFP)


ward off – (phr. v.) 避開,擋開。

tribespeople – (n.) 種族、部落 (tribe) 的成員、族人。注意這個字當中有個 s;同樣地,tribesman (部落的男子) 和 tribeswoman (部落的女子) 這兩個字當中也都有字母 s。

marry off – (phr. v.) 為某人尋得配偶。marry sb1 off to sb2:把 sb1 嫁給 sb2 或使sb1 娶 sb2。

toddler – (n.) 幼童。

at the hands of – (prep.) 在…手中。注意這個片語中的 hand 須用複數。

Hindu temple – (n.) 印度教寺廟。

ritual – (n.) 儀式,典禮。

observe – (v.) 遵守,奉行。

dowry – (n.) 嫁妝。但這裡指的應是聘禮。

sport – (v.) 炫耀。

gum – (n.) 牙齦。upper gum:上牙齦。

omen – (n.) 預兆,兆頭。good/bad omen:好預兆/壞預兆。

come of age – (v.) 到達法定成年年齡。

file for – (phr. v.) 提出申請;提起訴訟。file for divorce:訴請離婚。