(名詞/可數或不可數) 羅曼幻想 - 一種結合浪漫和奇幻元素的小說類型。這個字是由 romance 和 fantasy 拼綴而成。

The American novelist is among a new generation of uber-bestselling authors writing "romantasy", a portmanteau of "romance" and "fantasy" applied to novels that blend elements of both genres … Romantasy authors are selling well in part because of their huge popularity on social media; Maas' publisher, Bloomsbury, says that videos with hashtags connected to her books have more than 14bn views on TikTok alone.
[, 2 February 2024]

這位美國小說家 (註:莎菈.J.瑪斯 (Sarah J. Maas)) 是新一代超級暢銷作家之一,他們創作的作品屬於「羅曼幻想」(romantasy),這是「浪漫」和「幻想」的混合詞,用來描述那些融合了兩種類型元素的小說。羅曼幻想作家的作品銷量很好,部分原因是因為他們在社交媒體上的極高人氣;瑪斯的出版商 Bloomsbury 表示,與她的書籍相關的標籤的影片僅在 TikTok 上就有超過 140 億次觀看。


sibling novel

(名詞/可數) 姊妹小說;兄弟小說 - 同一名作者所寫的小說,小說中有部分的人物或角色與該作者所寫的另一本小說完全一樣,但並非另一本小說的續集或同系列的小說。

In her typically inventive fashion, Jennifer Egan calls The Candy House, the follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize winner A Visit from the Goon Squad (2011), a "sibling novel". According to Egan, The Candy House follows a number of [A Visit from the Goon Squad's] peripheral characters into their own futures and pasts to create an independent work with a new set of preoccupations and center of gravity, but equal affinity for technology, humor, and structural freedom.
[, 26 April 2022]


panic master's

(名詞/可數) 恐慌碩士學位 - 大學畢業後因為找不到工作才去唸的而非想要繼續進修才去唸的碩士學位。

Record numbers of students are expected to apply for "panic master's" degrees as a flat jobs market for graduates pushes them towards postgraduate study. Last year 18 per cent of students secured jobs after graduation compared with about 60 per cent in a normal year … It has exacerbated the phenomenon of the "panic master's", when students sign up for a second degree not because they necessarily wish to pursue further study but so that they are not left unemployed.
[, 30 July 2021]



(名詞/可數) 微型學校 - 每班學生人數非常少的私立學校。

The push toward smaller, less institutionalized learning environments may also be a boost for the burgeoning microschool movement. Microschools usually operate out of homes or local community organizations and typically have no more than a dozen K-12 students, of varying ages.
[, 11 May 2020]



(名詞/可數) 教育企業家 - 從事教育事業的企業家。這個字是由 educational + entrepreneur 拼綴而成。

Edupreneurs are now offering educational opportunities through online courses, mastermind groups, digital apprenticeships, boot camps, co-working retreats and all kinds of other innovative ways teachers are dreaming up to get results for their students.
[, 24 July 2019]


His father was one of the edupreneurs who made their money in the field of education last year. (他父親是去年在教育界賺錢的教育企業家之一)


homework therapist

(名詞/可數) 功課治療師 - 幫助學生做好功課、準備考試並協助他們處理壓力和焦慮等問題的人。

Homework therapist? Yes, you read that correctly. It is a growing educational trend in the US, with parents paying fees of $150 to $600 (£115 to £465) for regular sessions of up to 75 minutes. In succeed-at-all costs New York, where parents will do almost anything to get their offspring in pole position on the starting grid of life, paying hundreds of dollars an hour for this specialised and individual approach may be no big deal.
[The Times, 8 September 2018]


rug-rat race

(名詞) 學童的激烈競爭 - 小孩從小受到強大壓力,被要求學業名列前茅,以為將來進入菁英大學預作準備。亦寫成 rug rat racerugrat race。這個名詞是由 rug rat + rat race 拼綴而成。rug ratrat race 都是俚語,前者意為「小孩,兒童,幼兒」,後者意為「(商界) 激烈的競爭」。

The analysis raises questions about the extent to which inadvertent engineering—starting with the so-called “rug-rat race”—is exacerbating the achievement gap.
—Alia Wong, “How to Solve the Diversity Problem at NYC’s Elite Public Schools,” The Atlantic, March 5, 2015

This striving is necessarily, and worryingly, inegalitarian. Parental investment in children’s education is an arms race in which poorer families cannot hope to keep pace. Richer, better-educated families can call on many more assets in helping struggling students or providing enriching résumé-building material. The more the rug-rat race leads parents to withdraw their children from public-school systems, the worse this trend becomes.
—Ryan Avent, “High-Pressure Parenting,” 1843, February 6, 2017


binge learning

(現在分詞/動名詞) 強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程。亦寫成 binge-learning
binge learn (動詞):強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程。
binge learner (名詞):強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程的人。

Chief Executive Markus Witte said Babbel quickly found that it was not how much one could learn in one sitting, but how little. “Binge learners tend not to come back,” he said. “People who learn a little tend to come back more regularly.”
—Eric Auchard, “Mobile language apps help millions learn less, more often,” Reuters, August 21, 2015

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan explains why binge-learning doesn’t work…To learn something, you need to make a commitment and hold yourself to that commitment, says Khan Academy founder Salman Khan. You can’t binge learn something for three hours the first day and then taper off.
—“Consistency Is the Key to Learning,” Money, February 29, 2016


check box fiction

(名詞) 核取方塊小說 - 為了標榜多元化,象徵性地在故事中加入某些元素 (尤其是那些與人物的種族、性別或性取向有關的元素)、但這些元素對故事並無作用的小說。亦寫成 checkbox fiction

The Hugos became a front in the culture war. Brad Torgersen’s posts at the very beginning about “victim class check box fiction” destroyed any rapport with people who weren’t already in his camp.
—Ken Burnside, “Hugo Awards 2015,” Google Plus, August 27, 2015

Check box” fiction really undermines the quality of my reading experience. What is “check box” fiction? It is a story that includes elements indicating diversity in the cast of characters that has zero impact on the the story.
—“That Good Story,” Liberty At All Costs, May 19, 2016


library of things

(名詞) 除書籍外還出借工具、設備及其他物品的圖書館。亦縮寫成 LoT

The next time you need binoculars or a Bundt pan, you may not need any money. Instead, your library card could be the key to accessing an array of items, as public libraries across the country expand beyond books and other media.
This so-called “library of things” isn’t an entirely new concept — a Newark, New Jersey, library started circulating framed paintings over a century ago, according to Alex Lent, library director at Millis Public Library in Massachusetts — but it’s now gaining momentum and expanding the role of libraries in communities.
—Susan Johnston Taylor, “Beyond Books: Why Some Libraries Now Lend Tools, Toys and More,” U.S. News and World Report, February 2, 2016

Tentatively scheduled for a spring launch, the Sharing Depot is planned as a community hub where people can lease things like camping gear, sports equipment, kids toys or even supplies for your next house party.
“This will be a real library of things,” said co-founder Ryan Dyment.
—Gilbert Ngabo, “The Sharing Depot: Toronto company wants to bring ‘library of stuff’ to city,” Metro (Toronto), February 24, 2016