tiger mother

(名詞) 虎媽:要求孩子乖巧、順從、學業成績優異的嚴母。

美國耶魯大學華裔法律系教授蔡美兒 (Amy Chua),不久前出版一本名為「虎媽的戰歌」(Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) 的書。這是一本回憶錄,解釋她以「老虎媽媽」的中國式媽媽作風教育兩名女兒的方式。她並摘錄書中一小部分內容,在《華爾街日報》(The Wall Street Journal) 發表一篇題為「Why Chinese Mothers are Superior?」(為甚麼華人媽媽比較優秀?) 的文章,結果在親子界引起掀然大波。蔡美兒提倡的軍訓式高壓教育兒女方式,也在全球引起極大的迴響,迄今仍餘波蕩漾。

註:tiger mother 這一片語並非該書所創。

Amid all the psychosocial caterwauling these days over the relative merits of tiger mothers and helicopter dads, allow me to make a pitch for the quietly dogged parenting style of the New Caledonian crow.
—Natalie Angier, "Nurturing Nests Lift These Birds to a Higher Perch," The New York Times, February 1, 2011

Tommy Koh, ambassador-at-large at Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chairman of the country's National Heritage Board, has another, far simpler theory. "There is more spontaneity, joy, and warmth in Singapore than we are given credit for," he says...."Most of us have been brought up by tiger mothers, but we have retained our sense of humor and love of life," Koh says.
—Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, "Forget Chewing Gum, Try the Murtabak," Newsweek, February 14, 2011