winnow down; winnow out; wipe up

winnow * down +
A list of 20 applicants has been winnowed down to three. (20 名求職者已經篩選到只剩 3 人)

winnow * out +
We've winnowed out the weaker candidates. (我們已經剔除了較弱的候選人)

wipe * up +
(用抹布等) 擦掉 (液體)
I was just wiping up the juice that you spilled on the desk. (我剛把你灑在書桌上的果汁擦乾淨)
Do you have anything I could wipe up this mess with? (你有沒有什麼東西我可以用來把這攤髒東西擦乾淨?)


win back; win out; win over; win round; win through

win * back +
The Opposition must try to win back the support it has lost. (反對黨須設法重獲人心)
Paul hoped to win her love back. (保羅希望重新獲得她的愛)
Will you be able to win the money back from him? (你能從他那裡把錢贏回來嗎?)

win out
The more cautious measures won out in the end. (更謹慎的措施最後勝出)
We'll win out in the end. (我們最終將獲勝)

whip off; whip out of; whisk off

whip * off+
快速拿掉或移除 (某物)
My wife whipped the cover off the bed. (我太太一把將床罩從床上拆了下來)
I whipped off my shirt and dived into the pool. (我飛快地脫下襯衫跳入水池裡)

whip out of +
迅速從 ... 取出或抽出 (某物)
My girlfriend whipped a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped my face. (我女友迅速從她口袋裡掏出一條手帕,擦了擦我的臉)

whisk * off
突然快速地移走、帶走 (某人)
Her husband whisked her off to Taipei for her birthday. (她先生突然把她帶到台北為她慶生)
In obvious pain, Mary was whisked off to the hospital. (瑪麗顯然痛得很厲害,於是被急忙送往醫院)


walk back; walk back from; ward off; weasel out; weasel out of

walk * back +
The president walked back his initial comments in the press conference. (總統在記者會上收回他最初的評論)

walk back from +
The dangerous criminal walked back from his confession. (那個危險的罪犯翻供了)

ward * off +
A lot of people take vitamin C to ward off colds in the winter. (冬天時許多人服用維他命 C 來預防感冒)
I was given a charm to ward off evil spirits. (我得到了一個護身符,可以驅鬼避邪)

vamp up; veer onto

vamp * up +
(英) 使更有吸引力;使更令人興奮
The place is dull and you need to vamp it up. (這地方枯燥乏味,你必須讓它更有吸引力)

vamp * up +
(英) 拼湊,捏造
I had to vamp up a reason for being so late. (我必須編造一個遲到這麼久的理由)

veer onto +
Their talk soon veered onto the subject of politics. (他們的談話很快就轉到政治上)


turf out; turn around/round

turf * out
(英) 趕走 (某人)
You'll be turfed out of the organisation if you carry on being disruptive. (如果你繼續搗亂的話,你就會被趕出這個組織)

turf * out +
(英) 扔掉,丟棄
I turfed out all my old CDs and old shoes last week. (上週我扔掉所有的舊 CD 和舊鞋子)

turn * around/round +
(使) 好轉,(使) 扭轉,(使) 有起色
The $200 million loan will help turn the economy of this country around. (這筆 2 億美元的貸款將有助於這個國家的經濟好轉)

turn around/round +
(在某段時間內) 完成
I can produce quality work and turn around the translation very quickly. (我不僅能保證品質,而且能很快地完成這項翻譯)

turn around/round
改變主意而 ...;轉變態度而 ...
It was your idea, so don't turn around and say you're too busy. (這可是你的主意,別改變主意說你很忙)


train up; trigger off; trudge through

train * up +
We need to recruit and train up more police officers. (我們必須招募和培訓更多警察)

trigger * off +
使 (人) 生氣
Our remarks triggered Paul off and he started shouting at us. (我們的話使保羅生氣,所以他開始對我們大吼大叫)

trigger * off +
The crisis was triggered off by government's failed policies. (這項危機是因政府政策失敗所引起)
The racial killings in recent months have triggered off a wave of protests. (最近幾個月所發生的種族屠殺引發抗議浪潮)

trudge through +
艱難地做 (工作),費力地完成 (任務)
I spent the whole weekend trudging through the papers. (我花了整個週末費力地處理這些文件)


toss aside; total up; toughen up

toss * aside +
We tossed the proposal aside. (我們放棄了那項計畫)

total up
(把數字) 加起來;總計,合計
He taught me how to total up a row of figures very quickly. (他教我如何很快地把一行行數字加起來)
How much did the bill total up to? (帳單總計多少錢?)

toughen * up +
The government wants to toughen up the existing drug laws/controls. (政府想要加強現有肅毒法律 / 對毒品的管制措施)
His time in the army certainly toughened him up. (軍旅生涯確實使他變得更堅強)


tick over; tone in with; tone up

tick over
(英) (生意、工作或系統幾乎沒有進展地) 緩慢進行 (美式英語為 tick along)
They are keeping things ticking over until the manager returns. (在經理回來之前,他們做事都是慢吞吞的)
The business of the company has been ticking over for some time. (這家公司的生意已有一段時間都是停滯不前的)

tick over
(引擎) 空轉
He's left the car with the engine ticking over. (他離開了汽車,讓引擎空轉著)

tone in with +
(顏色) 相配
The blue of your scarf tones in with your jacket. (你的藍圍巾正好與夾克相配)

tone * up +
(通常指透過鍛鍊) 使 (身體部位) 更強健
This is a great exercise for toning up your stomach muscles. (這種鍛鍊對增強腹部肌肉大有好處)


throw yourself at; throw yourself into; tick along

throw yourself at +
向 (某人) 獻媚;勾引 (某人)
Tom threw himself at Cindy but she wasn't interested. (湯姆勾引辛蒂,但她沒興趣)

throw yourself into +
She's thrown herself into this new job. (她已積極地將心力投入這份新工作)

tick along
(美) (生意、工作或系統幾乎沒有進展地) 緩慢進行 (英式英語為 tick over)
We'll be able to keep things ticking along in the office until the boss gets back. (在老闆回來之前我們能夠維持辦公室工作基本運作)
The company ticked along while she was away on holiday. (她休假不在時,公司的事情幾乎都沒有進展)