Ziggy the painting dog/狗畫家Ziggy

Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh. To these great names, you can now add another: that of Ziggy, a three-year-old Pekingese dog who has taken the art world by storm.

Well, okay, not really. But he does make paintings, which real people actually buy, for money.

Ziggy the painting dog

Ziggy, who lives with his owner Elizabeth Monacelli in southern California, creates his masterpieces with the aid of a paper towel roll, which is attached to a paintbrush. Grasping the roll in his teeth, he creates abstract (i.e. blobby) works of art.

'He does have an extremely artistic temperament compared to other dogs I own,' Monacelli says. She also says that she usually plays him Chinese Qigong music to help get him in the artistic mood.

Ziggy's artworks have fetched up to $250 (around NT$8500) at auction, with the money going to animal rescue organisations. (Metro)

Ziggy the painting dog


Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh -- (n.) 林布蘭 (荷蘭畫家);莫內 (法國畫家);畢卡索 (西班牙畫家);梵谷 (荷蘭畫家)。

Pekingese dog -- (n.) 北京狗。

take … by storm -- (v.) 在…大獲成功;完全征服;風靡。to take the art world by storm:在藝術界大放異彩。

masterpiece -- (n.) 傑作。

with the aid of -- (prep.) 藉助於;在…的協助下。

paper towel roll -- (n.) 紙巾捲筒。

grasp…in his teeth -- (v.) 用他的牙齒咬住。

abstract -- (adj.) 抽象的。

blobby -- (adj.) 斑斑點點的。

works of art -- (n.) 藝術作品。與最後一段的 artworks 同義。

artistic -- (adj.) 藝術的。

temperament -- (n.) 氣質;性情。

play him Chinese Qigong music -- (v.) 播放中國氣功音樂給他聽。這是 play 接雙受詞的句型,如 He played us a tune on the piano. (他在鋼琴上彈奏一首曲子給我們聽) = He played a tune for/to us on the piano. (他在鋼琴上為我們彈奏一首曲子)

fetch -- (v.) (尤指拍賣auction) 售得,賣得。The painting is expected to fetch up to $200,000. (這幅畫可望拍到20萬美元)。

animal rescue organization -- (n.) 動物救援組織。


Legs manual wins odd title prize/雙腿手冊贏得年度最怪異書名獎

woman's legsA self-help guide called "If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs" has been voted the oddest book title of the year.

It beat off stiff competition from another entitled "I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen" to win The Bookseller magazine's prize, reports the BBC.

"Cheese Problems Solved" took third place in a poll which attracted 8,500 votes.

Joel Rickett, deputy editor of The Bookseller, said of the winner: "So effective is the title that you don't even need to read the book itself."

He added that it "makes redundant an entire genre of self-help tomes".

The manual, whose author is named Big Boom, is described as a "self-help book, written by a man for the benefit of women".

Bookseller's contest began in 1978, and the roll-call of previous winners includes High Performance Stiffened Structures, Living with Crazy Buttocks and How To Avoid Huge Ships. (BBC)


self-help guide -- (n.) 自助指南;自助手冊。文中使用了不同的名詞,如 self-help guide, self-help book, self-help tome 和 manual,但指的都是同樣的東西。

beat off -- (v.) 擊退,趕跑。

stiff competition -- (n.) 激烈競爭。

pygmy -- (n.) 侏儒;微不足道的人。(adj.) 矮小的;極小的;微不足道的。亦拼成 pigmy。

Bookseller -- (n.) 英國「書商」雜誌。

So effective is the title that... -- 這是表示因果關係的 so...that 句型,原句為 "The title is so effective that...",但為了加強語氣,而將 so effective 挪到句首,並將主詞與 be 動詞對調。這是英文中用來加強語氣的倒裝句之一。

redundant -- (adj.) 多餘的;累贅的。文中這個 redundant 直接放在 make 的後面,看起來似乎不合文法,其實不然。由於 make 的受詞 "an entire genre of self-help tomes" 太長,因此把受詞補語 redundant 挪到受詞前面,這是英文常見的寫作技巧之一。另外,在經濟不景氣時代,許多公司因業務萎縮或為節省成本而進行裁員、解雇掉一些員工。如果您不幸在一夕之間成為冗員而遭解雇,那麼您就可以說 "I was made redundant"。

genre -- (n.) (法) 文藝作品之類型。

tome -- (n.) 大部頭書;又厚又大的書。但這本書名最怪異的書「如果你想結束你們的關係,那麼就從雙腿開始」(暫譯) 應該不是這種書。請注意 tome 與 tomb (墳墓) 的區別。

for the benefit of -- (prep.) 為了。

roll-call -- (n.) 點名。


Clothes made out of hair/頭髮做成的服裝

Ioana CioancaA Romanian woman has made herself an entire wardrobe of clothes out of her own hair.

Ioana Cioanca, 71, from Bistrita Nasaud, grew her hair from the age of 16 until it was 40 inches long so she could weave it.

"Long years I had to wait for my hair to grow so as to make clothes from it but I managed and I am very pleased now," she said.

"Maybe there are other women who did this but I don't know if they have so many items. I have nine of them: a hat, a shawl, a skirt, a blouse, a raincoat, a purse, a handbag and a pair of gloves."

Mrs Cioanca explained that some of her clothes are lighter in colour because they were made in the last 10 years after her hair began to turn gray.

She says her hair-made clothes are "quite comfortable and warm" and she hopes to get her name in the record books to let other people know how useful human hair can be.


make sb1 from (or out of) sb2 – (v.) 用sb2 來做或製作 sb1。

wardrobe – (n.) (個人的) 全部服裝。an entire wardrobe of clothes:整套的服裝 – 指的是本文第4段所提到的9件物品,包括帽子、錢包、手套等,這些都是本文女主角 Ioana Cioanca 用自己的頭髮做成的。

made herself an entire wardrobe of clothes -- (v.) (用她的頭髮) 為她自己做了整套的服裝。這是 make 接雙受詞 (間接受詞 + 直接受詞) 的句型,如 Will you make me a cup of coffee? (= Will you make a cup of coffee for me?) (你能為我沖杯咖啡嗎?);此外,His ruthless behavior made him many enemies. (他的殘忍行為使他樹敵眾多) 這樣的句子也是屬於make 接雙受詞的句型。然而,要特別注意的是,別將這種句型與「make + 受詞 + 名詞」的句型搞混,因為後者中的名詞係受詞補語,如 They made her (a) director. (他們推舉她為董事),句中 director 跟 her 是同一個人,但 His ruthless behavior made him many enemies. 中的 him 跟 enemies 是不同人。

weave – (v.) 編織。

manage – (v.) 做到了。在本文中,manage 後面省略了 to make clothes from her own hair。若要表示過去有能力做某事,我們可以用 could,如 She could play the piano when she was five. (她5歲時就能彈鋼琴);但若要表示過去有能力做某事而且做了,則使用 managed to, was/were able to 或 succeeded in (後兩者為比較正式的用語),如 I managed to get the tickets I wanted. = I was able to get the tickets I wanted. = I succeeded in getting the tickets I wanted. (我買到了我要買的票) – 這相當於 I could and I did。

shawl – (n.) (女用) (長) 方形披巾,圍巾。

blouse – (n.) (婦女等的) 短上衣,短衫。

turn gray – (v.) (頭髮) 變白。

record book – (n.) 記錄大全。