Generation Alpha

(名詞/不可數) 阿爾法世代;優等世代 (指 2010 年代出生以及將在 2020 年代出生的世代)。

A picture of Generation Alpha, if a blurry one, is starting to emerge. In various articles about its members, analysts have stated that they are or will grow up to be the best-educated generation ever, the most technologically immersed [and] the wealthiest.
[, 21 February 2020]



(名詞/不可數) 利用真菌來設計和蓋建建築物的技術和措施。Myco- 這個字首意為「真菌;真菌類植物」(fungus,複數為 fungi 或 funguses)。

NASA researchers are investigating the potential of mycelia – the nutrient-absorbing, underground threads that make up a fungus's main bulk – to help construct outposts on the moon and Mars … With the right conditions, say the researchers, they can be coaxed into making new structures, ranging from a material similar to leather to the building blocks for a Mars habitat. The NASA researchers call it myco-architecture.
[, 22 January 2020]


tick over; tone in with; tone up

tick over
(英) (生意、工作或系統幾乎沒有進展地) 緩慢進行 (美式英語為 tick along)
They are keeping things ticking over until the manager returns. (在經理回來之前,他們做事都是慢吞吞的)
The business of the company has been ticking over for some time. (這家公司的生意已有一段時間都是停滯不前的)

tick over
(引擎) 空轉
He's left the car with the engine ticking over. (他離開了汽車,讓引擎空轉著)

tone in with +
(顏色) 相配
The blue of your scarf tones in with your jacket. (你的藍圍巾正好與夾克相配)

tone * up +
(通常指透過鍛鍊) 使 (身體部位) 更強健
This is a great exercise for toning up your stomach muscles. (這種鍛鍊對增強腹部肌肉大有好處)



(名詞/可數) 微型學校 - 每班學生人數非常少的私立學校。

The push toward smaller, less institutionalized learning environments may also be a boost for the burgeoning microschool movement. Microschools usually operate out of homes or local community organizations and typically have no more than a dozen K-12 students, of varying ages.
[, 11 May 2020]


digital nutrition

(名詞/不可數) 數位營養 - 確保使用手機、電腦及其他電子裝置不會對身體和心理健康造成危害的過程。

Unplugging won't solve the root problem. It's like doing a juice cleanse – you deny yourself and then you'll go back online and eat a burger … Instead, think of your digital nutrition the same way you think of regular nutrition: instead of worrying about calories or minutes, concentrate on the quality of what you're consuming.
[, 6 January 2020]


moon garden

(名詞/可數) 月亮花園 - 夜間觀賞的花園。

Night pollinators such as moths, native bees and bats are attracted to plants in a moon garden with white and pale-colored flowers that are intensely fragrant and produce a lot of nectar. As you walk through the moon garden, you can watch these varied and industrious third-shift pollinators as they go about their important work.
[, 14 May 2020]


put the clocks back/forward, set the clocks back/ahead

(英) Don't forget to put the clocks back/forward tonight. (今晚別忘了把鐘撥慢/撥快一小時)
(美) Don't forget to set the clocks back/ahead tonight. (今晚別忘了把鐘撥慢/撥快一小時)

(英) put the clocks back:(按照官方時間) 把鐘撥慢一小時。
(英) put the clocks forward:(按照官方時間) 把鐘撥快一小時。
(美) set the clocks back:(按照官方時間) 把鐘撥慢一小時。
(美) set the clocks ahead:(按照官方時間) 把鐘撥快一小時。

注意:還有一種說法是英美通用的,那就是 turn the clocks back/forward (把時間撥慢/撥快一小時)。此外,這些片語中的 clocks 有時亦使用單數 clock。



(名詞/可數) 教育企業家 - 從事教育事業的企業家。這個字是由 educational + entrepreneur 拼綴而成。

Edupreneurs are now offering educational opportunities through online courses, mastermind groups, digital apprenticeships, boot camps, co-working retreats and all kinds of other innovative ways teachers are dreaming up to get results for their students.
[, 24 July 2019]


His father was one of the edupreneurs who made their money in the field of education last year. (他父親是去年在教育界賺錢的教育企業家之一)



(名詞/可數) 生態守衛 - 從事保護野生動物 (尤指瀕危動物) 之工作的人。

His experience in the forest makes him particularly well-suited to the work given his knowledge of the terrain and endurance for long patrols. He enjoys being an eco-guard, saying that it has given him a good understanding of the environment and why it is important to keep animals alive rather than killing them for money.
[, 23 May 2019]


throw yourself at; throw yourself into; tick along

throw yourself at +
向 (某人) 獻媚;勾引 (某人)
Tom threw himself at Cindy but she wasn't interested. (湯姆勾引辛蒂,但她沒興趣)

throw yourself into +
She's thrown herself into this new job. (她已積極地將心力投入這份新工作)

tick along
(美) (生意、工作或系統幾乎沒有進展地) 緩慢進行 (英式英語為 tick over)
We'll be able to keep things ticking along in the office until the boss gets back. (在老闆回來之前我們能夠維持辦公室工作基本運作)
The company ticked along while she was away on holiday. (她休假不在時,公司的事情幾乎都沒有進展)