win back; win out; win over; win round; win through

win * back +
The Opposition must try to win back the support it has lost. (反對黨須設法重獲人心)
Paul hoped to win her love back. (保羅希望重新獲得她的愛)
Will you be able to win the money back from him? (你能從他那裡把錢贏回來嗎?)

win out
The more cautious measures won out in the end. (更謹慎的措施最後勝出)
We'll win out in the end. (我們最終將獲勝)

decision intelligence

(名詞/不可數) 決策智慧 - 一種人工智慧 (artificial intelligence, AI),可分析大量的資料來讓公司企業或組織機構更容易地做出商業決策。

"Decision intelligence connects AI and human decision-making to form more intelligent conclusions, which lead to more favorable outcomes," says Jack Zmudzinski, a senior associate at Future Processing, a custom software development company. "So, rather than a decision made by a human or a decision made by a computer, it's the best of both worlds."
[, 23 April 2021]



(名詞/不可數) 與新冠肺炎大流行有關的焦慮所引起的失眠 (症)。

As if the novel coronavirus has not already wrought devastation aplenty on the world, physicians and researchers are seeing signs it is doing deep damage to people's sleep. "Coronasomnia," as some experts now call it, could prove to have profound public-health ramifications — creating a massive new population of chronic insomniacs grappling with declines in productivity, shorter fuses and increased risks of hypertension, depression and other health problems.
[, 3 September 2020]



(名詞/可數或不可數) 對新冠肺炎大流行 (Covid-19 pandemic) 的恐慌 (panic),導致缺乏合理的思考和行動。

I am sick to the back teeth of the "panpanic" coronavirus has triggered. It’s time to take a collective breath and get a grip … The panpanic has the capacity to be even more serious and destructive. I am not insensitive to the unfolding tragedy and the thousands of tragedies within it. But it follows that now is not the time for everyone to panic.
[, 1 April 2020]



(名詞/可數) 在家工作者用作工作場所的床鋪。這個字是由 bed + office 拼綴而成。

While the boffice can be used for any kind of work that requires nothing more than a laptop, notebook and phone, it comes into its own for a specific task that requires focus and for which there is a deadline. (Writers need deadlines, even though most of us do our damnedest to avoid them until they are right upon us.)
[, 14 April 2020]


extractive tourism

(名詞/不可數) 榨取式旅遊 - 假日時太多人到某地觀光旅遊,造成當地居民生活不便或困難的情況。

"Extractive tourism" – a term first coined by academic Vijay Kolinjivadi – goes beyond the basic interpretation of overtourism as a congestion caused by travellers flocking to tourism hotspots while balancing out the economic benefits. The new phrase better encompasses the destructive impact of mass tourism on local communities as well.
[, 24 February 2021]


community fridge

(名詞/可數) 社區冰箱 - 設置在公共場所的冰箱,裡面存放民眾和商家捐贈的食物,讓經濟弱勢者和買不起食物的人可以取用這些多餘、將被扔掉、在使用期限內的蔬菜、麵包、三明治和包裝食品。

There is a school in my Manhattan neighbourhood that has been giving out free meals during the pandemic – and every time I walk past it the line seems longer. A community fridge recently popped up a couple of blocks away; it's one of many that activists have installed across the city to combat growing food insecurity.
[, 11 August 2021]


whip off; whip out of; whisk off

whip * off+
快速拿掉或移除 (某物)
My wife whipped the cover off the bed. (我太太一把將床罩從床上拆了下來)
I whipped off my shirt and dived into the pool. (我飛快地脫下襯衫跳入水池裡)

whip out of +
迅速從 ... 取出或抽出 (某物)
My girlfriend whipped a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped my face. (我女友迅速從她口袋裡掏出一條手帕,擦了擦我的臉)

whisk * off
突然快速地移走、帶走 (某人)
Her husband whisked her off to Taipei for her birthday. (她先生突然把她帶到台北為她慶生)
In obvious pain, Mary was whisked off to the hospital. (瑪麗顯然痛得很厲害,於是被急忙送往醫院)



(名詞/可數或不可數) 一天中把早餐、午餐和晚餐合在一起吃的一餐。

Meanwhile, the move towards home working is making mealtimes yet more fluid. "With the kitchen next to the desk, food is easy pickings – meaning many will wait until mid-morning to have breakfast, while having lunch in the evening." Some are even limiting themselves to one big meal a day – a meal sometimes referred to as "dunchfast".
[, 22 January 2021]


eye yoga

(名詞/不可數) 眼睛瑜珈 - 一種目的在增強眼睛周圍肌肉的瑜珈。

If the eyes really are the window to the soul, it makes sense to treat them with the same respect as our bodies. Enter: eye yoga, the new wellness trend on the block, which promises brighter, better rested peepers in under five minutes.
[, 15 January 2021]