operate on; order about/around; order in; order out; order out for

operate on +
We are going to operate on him. (我們打算給他動手術)
We are going to operate on his leg. (我們打算給他的腿動手術)
He was operated on for ten hours yesterday. (他昨天動了十小時的手術)

order * about/around +
(尤指不斷地) 支使,差遣,使喚 (某人)
My sister is always ordering me about. (我姊姊老是把我差來遣去的)
You can't order your staff around all the time. (你不能一直使喚你的員工)

nuzzle up; nuzzle up against/to

nuzzle up
(貓、狗等動物) (尤指用頭或鼻) 輕觸,輕擦,磨擦
My pet cat came and nuzzled up. (我的寵物貓過來用鼻子輕輕磨擦)

nuzzle up against/to +
(貓、狗等動物) (尤指用頭或鼻) 輕觸,輕擦,磨擦
The puppies like to nuzzle up against their mother. (小狗喜歡緊緊挨著牠們的媽媽)
My dog nuzzled up to me, pleased to welcome me home. (我的狗用鼻子愛撫地觸碰我,以示歡迎我回家)


meet up; meet up with; meet with; melt down; mock up

meet up
遇見,相見,見面 (與當不及物動詞用的 meet 同義)
You'll never guess who I met up today - my old classmate! We haven't met for 20 years. (你絕對猜不到我今天遇見了誰 - 我的老同學!我們已經有 20 年沒見面了)
They met (up) in the park. (他們在公園見面)

meet up with +
遇見,相見,見面 (與當及物動詞用的 meet 同義)
I'll meet up with you in the library later. (稍後我會在圖書館和你碰面)
I met (up with) her at the theater. (我在戲院遇見了她)

meet with +
(英) 偶然遭遇,意外遇到,碰到 (尤指不愉快的事情,如麻煩、危險、困難等)
I met with some difficulties when I tried to enter the country. (我在入境時遭遇了一些困難)
She met with a car accident yesterday. (她昨天發生了車禍)

marry off; marry up; measure up to

marry * off +
把 (某人) 嫁出去;為 (某人,尤其是子女) 找結婚對象
She was married off to a doctor under the age of 16. (她未滿 16 歲就被嫁給了一名醫生)
They married their daughter off to a wealthy businessman. (他們把自己的女兒嫁給一名富商)
He has married off all his daughters. (他把女兒都嫁出去了)

marry up
The two lists did not marry up. (這兩份清單不相符)
The two versions of the story don't quite marry up. (那件事的兩種說法不太一致)

liven up; look out for; look through; luck into

liven * up +
(使) (某人) 振作起來;(使) (某人) 快樂起來
Sam was subdued to start with, but after a while he livened up. (剛開始的時候,山姆有點沈默,但過了一會兒他就活躍起來了)
She's going to liven herself up a little by going for a run. (她要去跑跑步來提振自己的心情)

liven * up +
(給…) 增色;(使…) 更有趣、更有活力或更美好
A new coat of paint would liven the house up. (新刷一層漆會使房子明亮起來)
Liven up your meals with fresh herbs and spices. (新鮮的香料和調味品會讓飯菜的味道更加鮮美)

level up; level with; light out

level * up +
使 (收入等) 提高到同一水平;提高...至同一水平;使提高到同一平面
some of the pictures need leveling up. (有些圖片需要對齊)
The government has leveled up gambling taxes. (政府已把賭博稅調高到同一水平)
This approach has leveled standards up across the sector. (這個方法已提升了業界的水準)

level * up +
(電腦遊戲人物或角色的) 升級,提升技能等級
You can level up the hero in the game. (你可以在遊戲中提升這個英雄的技能等級)
Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know on how to level up your characters quickly. (你需要知道的所有有關如何快速提升角色技能等級的訣竅和技巧都在這裡)

level with +
告知 (某人) 真相;對 (某人) 說實話
I'll level with you - the salary's not particularly good, and there's little chance of promotion. (我跟你實話實說 - 工資不太高,也沒有什麼升遷機會)
Please level with me: What are my chances of success? (請老實告訴我:我成功的機會有多大?)

light out
He lit out for home. (他匆匆回家了)


Cinderella diet

(名詞) 灰姑娘節食法:大量減少食物攝取量以使體型看起來像卡通人物灰姑娘的身材。

注意:這個片語為不可數名詞,與 diet (節食) 的可數名詞用法不同,如 I'm beginning to go on a diet tomorrow and hope to lose five kilograms before Christmas. (明天我要開始節食,希望在聖誕節之前能減掉五公斤)。

The Cinderella diet aims for a body mass index of 18, which is classified as medically underweight on the BMI scale … “The Cinderella diet is incredibly scary and dangerous. This is a terrifying trend,” [said] Sydney-based dietitian Lyndi Cohen.
[Daily Mail, 26 February 2018]


land in; land up in; land with; let in on

land * in
(英) 使 (某人) 陷入困境
She landed herself in deep/hot water by lying to the tax office about her earnings. (她因向稅務部門謊報收入而惹上了大麻煩)

land up in +
(英) (尤指在事先沒有計劃的情況下) 最終到達 (某地點) 或結果處於 (某狀況或處境)
When we accepted that ride in Nanjing , we never expected to land up in Beijing. (我們在南京搭那趟便車時根本沒想到會來到北京)
He'll land up in hospital if he carries on drinking like that. (如果他繼續那樣喝酒,他最終一定會被送進醫院)

keep in with; kill off; kip down; kip down on; knock over

keep in with +
(尤指為得到幫助) 與 (某人) 友好相處,與 (某人) 保持良好關係
I like to keep in with my ex-employer, because you never know when you might need a reference. (我樂於跟前僱主保持良好關係,因為說不定什麼時候可能會需要他的推薦函)
I like to keep in with the school inspectors. (我樂於與督學保持良好關係)

kill * off +
There used to be a lot of wolves around here, but most of them have been killed off. (這一帶以前常有許多狼,但現在牠們大多已遭殺害)
Lack of funding is killing off small theaters. (資金短缺令小劇院紛紛倒閉)