ice over/up; jog along/on; jump from/out of/off

ice over/up
The pond has iced over. (池塘已結冰)
The river was iced up for most of the winter. (這條河在冬天大部分時間都結冰)

jog along/on
His research is jogging along. (他的研究正在緩慢進行中)
For years the business just kept jogging on. (多年來生意僅僅是平平而已)

jump from/out of/off
They jump from the plane at about ten thousand feet. (他們從約一萬英尺高空的飛機上跳了下來)
The mother grabbed her daughter and jumped out of the window. (那位母親一把抓住她女兒從窗口跳了出去)


hollow out; hook into; hose down

hollow * out +
The center of the log has been hollowed out. (圓木的中心被挖空了)
The flood has hollowed out the base of the hotel. (洪水已將飯店的底部掏空了)
The new law has hollowed out local governments. (新法律把地方政府架空了)

hook into +
(將某物) 連接到 (某物)
The new equipment is designed to hook into the most advanced operating systems. (這一新設備係設計來連接到最先進的作業系統)

hook into +
Most people are reluctant to hook into these long-term investments. (大多數人都不願意涉入這些長期的投資)

hose * down +
用水管接水淋澆、沖洗 (乾淨) 等
John is hosing down the garden. (約翰正用水管接水澆花園)
The children were covered in mud so we hosed them down. (孩子們滿身是泥巴,所以我們就用水管接水把他們沖洗乾淨)


hew to; hide away; hide out

hew to +
遵守,遵循 (法律、規定、規則等)
I hope you would hew to the suggestion of doctor to quit smoking. (我希望你能遵從醫師的建議戒菸)
I have always hewed to the internal regulations of the company. (我總是遵守公司的內規)

hide * away +
The gang hid the money away in secret bank accounts. (犯罪集團把錢藏在秘密的銀行帳戶中)

hide away
躲藏,躲起來 (想要獨處,不要被打擾)
Whenever John gets depressed, he hides away. (每當約翰心情沮喪時,他就找個地方躲起來,不想受到打擾)

hide out
The police think the criminals are hiding out in those empty apartments. (警方認為罪犯是躲藏在那些閒置的公寓裡)


hack up; head off; hear about; hear out; hem in

hack up +
We frequently hacked up a lot of phlegm while we were ill. (我們生病時往往會咳出許多痰)
The cat was hacking up a hairball. (那隻貓咳出一團毛球)

hack * up +
(用刀或其他尖銳工具將某物) 砍、劈或剁成碎片、碎塊
He hacked the table up and burnt it. (他把桌子劈成碎片後將它燒掉)
The killer had hacked up the body. (兇手將屍體剁成碎塊)

head * off +
防止,阻止 (不好的情況發生)
The company is giving employees large raises to head off a strike. (公司將給員工大幅加薪以防罷工)

head * off +
The father tried to head the dog off by running towards it. (這位父親朝著狗跑去,試圖把牠趕走)

gag for; gang up against/on; gee up; give way; give way to

gag for +
I was gagging for a drink. (我真想喝一杯)

gang up against/on +
(結夥,聯合起來) 欺侮,霸凌
The whole class ganged up against/on Mary because she was the teacher's pet. (由於瑪麗是老師面前的紅人,全班都聯合起來欺負她)

gee up
(主英) 激勵,策勵 (某人/某事物更快地或更有效地工作)
My horse was slow so I told it to gee up. (我的馬慢吞吞的,所以我就策勵牠跑快一點)

gee * up
(主英) 激勵 (某人);給 (某人) 加油
I tried to gee him up. (我試著激勵他)

free up; frighten away/off; fritter away

free * up +
騰出 (時間等);省下 (金錢等);使可用於
If you get the work done tonight, it will free up the weekend to go to Taipei to hear the concert. (如果你今晚把工作做好,那麼週末就有空到台北聽那場演唱會)
The company can probably free up $50,000 for new network equipment. (公司大概可以省下五萬元來購買新的網路設備)

frighten * away/off +
把…嚇走;使…(緊張得、害怕得) 不敢去做…
Be quiet or you'll frighten the squirrel away/off. (別出聲,否則會把松鼠嚇跑的)
The strikes frightened many visitors away/off. (罷工嚇跑了許多遊客)
The crash in share prices frightened away/off possible investors. (股價暴跌嚇跑了可能的投資人)

fritter * away +
揮霍,浪費 (金錢、時間或機會)
Over the next year he frittered away all his inheritance. (第二年他就把所有繼承的遺產揮霍掉了)
She fritters so much money away on jewelry. (她大把大把地花錢購買珠寶)


finish with; fink on; fink out; fit in with; fit out; fit out with

finish with +
(主英) 與...分手;與...斷絕關係;終止與...的聯繫
Amy finished with her boyfriend when she discovered he was having an affair. (艾美發現她男友劈腿後就跟他分手了)
They have finished with each other after the quarrel. (他們吵過之後就絕交了)

finish * with +
不再使用 (或需要)
Have you finished with that newspaper? (那份報紙看完了嗎?)
Have you finished with the telephone? (你電話用好了嗎?)

fink on +
告 (某人) 的密
He finked on me to the teacher. (他向老師告我的密)

fink out
We'd planned to go swimming but at the last minute Jack finked out. (我們原本計劃去游泳,但傑克在最後一刻食言了)

ferret about/around; fetch up; finish off; finish up; finish up with

ferret about/around (in/among/through sth.)
(在某物中) 到處搜尋
I was just ferreting about/around in my drawer for my ID card. (我當時正在翻抽屜找我的身份證)

fetch up
(主英) 偶然來到,意外到達
I wonder what time Allen will fetch up. (我不知道艾倫何時會突然現身)

finish * off +
完成,使完結;吃完,喝完,用完;殺死,毀滅,幹掉 (尤指已受傷者);(在體育比賽中) 擊敗 (對手)
I want to finish off this letter before I go to bed. (我想寫完這封信再上床睡覺)
We may as well finish off this box of chocolates - there's only a little bit left. (我們不如把這盒巧克力都吃了 — 反正只剩下一點點)
The wildebeest was badly hurt, so they finished it off to end its suffering. (那隻牛羚受傷嚴重,所以他們就把牠殺了來結束牠的痛苦)
John could wrestle well enough to finish off most of his opponents. (約翰摔角摔得很好,他的對手大多是他的手下敗將)


(動名詞/現在分詞) 以烘焙為由拖延重要或緊急的工作。這個字是由 procrastination (拖延,耽擱,延宕) + baking (烘焙) 拼綴而成。
procrastibake (動詞):以烘焙為由拖延重要或緊急的工作。
procrastibaker (名詞):以烘焙為由拖延重要或緊急工作的人。

Procrastibaking — the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding “real” work — is a surprisingly common habit that has only recently acquired a name.
—Julia Moskin, “Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?,” The New York Times, May 15, 2018

Procrastibaking is my favorite activity because why do what I should be doing when I could be doing literally anything else!
—Nancy Hoang, “Procrastibaking,” Hopeless Thunder, May 25, 2017


dry off; dry out; dry up; dump on; dust down/off

dry * off +
(使) 變乾;(把表面) 擦乾、弄乾
Tom had a shower and dried himself off. (湯姆淋浴後把身體擦乾)
She dried herself off and got dressed. (她擦乾身體後穿上衣服)

dry out
He went to a clinic in Taipei to dry out. (他到台北一家診所接受戒酒治療)

dry * out +
Sunbathing will dry out your skin. (日光浴會把你的皮膚曬得乾燥)

dry up
(河流、湖泊等) 乾涸;(供給等) 中斷;說不出話;(餐具洗後) 擦乾
The lake dried up because of the water extraction for vegetable and fruit farming. (由於抽水灌溉蔬果種植,這個湖泊乾涸了)
Her main source of revenue had dried up, leaving her short of money. (她的主要收入來源中斷了,使她阮囊羞澀)
He dried up in the press conference. (他在記者會上說不出話來)
My wife washed and dried up. (我太太清洗並擦乾餐具)

dry * up +
(清洗餐具後) 把 (餐具) 擦乾
I dried the dishes up. (我洗完餐盤後將它們擦乾)

dump on +
My boss always dumps on everyone when things go wrong. (當事情出錯時,我老闆總是責怪每個人)
When you're depressed, you need someone to dump on. (當你沮喪時,你需要有個人來聽你傾訴)

dust * down/off +
(尤指長時間不用後拿出來) 整理,備好待用;開始複習 (尤指一段時間內擱置不用的技藝或語言)
They brought out the old computers, dusted them down and put them back into use. (他們將舊電腦拿出來修理後再使用)
I'll have to dust off my Japanese if we're going to move to Tokyo. (如果我們要搬到東京的話,我就得把日語重新學起來)