(動詞) 將某物修復到原樣,然後再加以修改或改裝使其具有新的功能或改良的功能或特色。這個字是由 restore + modify 拼綴而成。
restification (n.); restifier (n.)

The recently restored and restified Petersen Museum in Los Angeles now offers a Cars Mechanical Institute on the second floor.
—“Quick Cruise: Jay Ward of Pixar/Disney,” Street Rod Life, March 30, 2016

The Applied Sans™ typeface family takes the charm of early sans serif designs and restifies it for the 21st century….Their goal was to restore the charisma of the original sans, and modify the design to have the consistent traits and structure of a 21st century design (“restify”).
—Allan Haley, “Applied Sans: A Classic and Contemporary Fusion,”, January 26, 2017



(動詞) 邊走邊傳簡訊。亦寫成 text walk
text-walking (現在分詞/動名詞) :邊走邊傳簡訊。
text-walk (名詞):邊走邊傳簡訊。
text-walker (名詞):邊走邊傳簡訊的人。

An Mlab spokesperson told Yahoo News, “Everyone text-walks. You probably walk through the streets while texting or sending WhatsApp messages to your friends and don’t really pay attention to your surroundings — only to whatever is happening on your screen. This causes collisions with poles or other pedestrians. You could, unknowingly, even be endangering your own life while you text-walk when you cross the street without looking up.”
—Trevor Mogg, “Belgian city launches ‘text walking lanes’ for smartphone addicts,” Digital Trends, June 15, 2015

Idaho town Rexburg was among the first in the United States to impose a US$50 (S$68) fine on anyone found crossing a street while texting on a phone. The law was enacted in April 2011 and signs were put up all over the city to remind pedestrians not to text-walk.
—Chang May Choon, “Seoul puts up road safety signs to warn ‘smartphone zombies’,” The Straits Times, June 27, 2016



(動詞) 睡太久。亦寫成 over-doze。注意:可別將這個字與 overdose 搞混,後者意為「服藥過量」。
overdoze (名詞)
overdozing (現在分詞/動名詞)

Sleeping in could be called ‘overdozing’.
—Josef Frank, “Sleeping in could…,” Twitter, June 30, 2015

And here’s just a few illnesses you might notice post over-dozing:
—Ashley, “Overdozing on sleep could land you an array of ailments,”, January 22, 2016



(動詞) 暫時或永久地不能上網從事線上活動。

Recently, I moved house, and through a series of broken promises and tedious customer support phone calls, I was left without internet for the best part of a month.
—Nick Hu, “Offlined: Living without internet (but not really),”, March 24, 2015

This week, full of busy schedules. Maybe I will offline for a while.
—M.E., “This week…,” Twitter, November 29, 2015



(動詞) 犧牲無辜的盟友或同事、拿他們當代罪羔羊或讓他們背黑鍋來使自己受惠。這個字是從同義的成語 "to throw (someone) under the bus" 衍生而來。
underbus (副詞)
underbussing (動名詞/現在分詞)

Guns & Ammo … instantly underbussed longtime columnist Dick Metcalfe for his pro-gun-control musings.
—Hognose, “TRIGGER: another pro-gun knockoff of the anti-gun gun magazine,” WeaponsMan, January 9, 2014

You can’t underbus key staffers during a campaign. Can you? May as well underbus yourself.
—Michael Den Tandt, “You can’t…,” Twitter, August 18, 2015



(動詞) 去除某一產品多餘的功能使其恢復最原始或最基本的用途。譬如說,相對於智慧型手機 (smartphone),「愚笨型或非智慧型手機」(dumbphone) 只有撥打和接收電話以及收發簡訊的功能。
defeaturing (現在分詞/動名詞)

Defeaturing: The most important of these principles, which we called the process of “ditching the junk DNA”.
—Phanish Puranam & Nirmalya Kumar, “Elon Musk, Frugal Engineer,” Insead, June 9, 2015

Some of these new devices offer what Gardner calls “defeaturing”: a design that strips a product back to its original, traditional purpose.

The “dumbphone” is a perfect example. British designer Jasper Morrison recently launched the telephone in collaboration with Swiss tech company Punkt. The stripped-back mobile handset makes calls and accepts voice mail. That’s it.
—Laura Beeston, “How to be invisible: Designers create anti-surveillance products to protect privacy,” The Globe and Mail, October 14, 2015



(動詞) 陽奉陰違。這個字是由 disingenuous (不坦率的,不坦誠的) + genuflect (卑躬屈膝) 拼綴而成。
disingenuflection (名詞):陽奉陰違。
disingenuflector (名詞):陽奉陰違的人。

Disingenuflect, v. To supplicate oneself to another as if out of respect, but while harboring contrary intent.
—Cheston Magic, “Disingenuflect…,” Twitter, June 4, 2014

Such erudition! I disingenuflect to all of you.
—Conehead, “‘Disingenuine’” (reply), Digital Spy, July 8, 2014



(動詞) 自動購買某軟體、書籍或其他產品的下一個版本,因為你已喜歡各該產品先前的一系列版本。
-auto-buy (名詞):自動購買。
-auto-buy (形容詞):自動購買的。

Her book tastes, as well as influences, are those that her fans love as well including Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, and Tessa Bailey. “I auto-buy books they write as soon as I find out they’re out,” said Esguerra. “And I read them on release day.”
—Melissa G. Bagamasbad, “Pinoy romance novelist Mina Esguerra on 5 secrets to writing a bestseller,” InterAksyon, November 27, 2014

“I think the most fundamental issue is that we are way past the point in the evolution of computers where people auto-buy the next latest and greatest computer chip, with full confidence that it would be better than what they’ve got,” Dr. Colwell said.
—John Markoff, “Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Over: The Future of Computer Chips,” The New York Times, September 26, 2015



(動詞) 有技巧地修剪鬍鬚或其他臉毛。

William Shakespeare, without his sharply topiarised chin, its pointiness so expressive of wit and intelligence, would have had the face of a balding sheep.
—John Walsh, "What's all the fuzz about, then? Jeremy Paxman's new beard lights up the Twitterverse," The Independent (London), August 13, 2013

Auto-topiarising your beard is difficult for the partially sighted man.
—Douglas Walker, "Auto-topiarising…," Twitter, September 13, 2015


divorce doula

(名詞) 離婚陪伴員:對正在經歷離婚煎熬的客戶給予法律和財務上的指點以及情感上的支持。

When I told friends and family that we were separating, many were quick to judge, criticize and offer incredibly unhelpful advice ("Why don't you wait 10 years until the kids are grown?") Sigh. Needless to say, I could have used a divorce doula during those early days when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.
—Pamela L. Smith, "The 5 Most Important Things I've Learned Since My Divorce," The Huntington Post, April 3, 2015

Enter the divorce doula — or coach, or consultant — a new breed of divorce support worker in the business of helping individuals navigate the messy job of ending a marriage.
—Rebecca Cuneo Keenan, "A divorce coach could offer a calming perspective," The Globe and Mail, June 11, 2015