(名詞) 用來準備、配送和貯藏食物的冷凍技術、建築物及其他人工冷凍來源。這個字是由 cold + landscape 拼綴而成。

These are spaces in which a perpetual winter has distorted or erased seasonality; spaces that are located within an energy-intensive geography of previously unimaginable distance—both mental and physical—between producers and consumers. Artificial refrigeration has reconfigured the contents of our plates and the shape of our cities…

Welcome to the coldscape: the unobtrusive architecture of man's unending struggle against time, distance, and entropy itself.
—Nicola Twilley, "The Coldscape," Cabinet, November 26, 2012

The gigantic tank farms of Tropicana and Citrusuco, the world's largest orange juice producer, occupy one particular corner of the coldscape, with its own specific architecture and quirks.
—Willy Blackmore, "The Big Chill: A Look at America's Coldscape," TakePart, July 22, 2013