(名詞) 工作和休閒融為一體;工作即休閒、休閒亦工作。這個字是由 work 和 leisure 拼綴而成。

weisure lifestyle (n.):工作和休閒融為一體的生活方式;工作即休閒、休閒亦工作的生活方式。

The line dividing work and leisure time is blurring right before our eyes, says one expert, and it’s creating a phenomenon called “weisure time.” Many who haven’t already abandoned the 9-to-5 workday for the 24-7 life of weisure probably will do so soon, according to New York University sociologist Dalton Conley, who coined the word. It’s the next step in the evolving work-life culture. “Increasingly, it’s not clear what constitutes work and what constitutes fun,” be it “in an office or at home or out in the street,” Conley said. Activities and social spaces are becoming work-play ambiguous, he says, as “all of these worlds that were once very distinct are now blurring together.”
—Thom Patterson, "Welcome to the ‘weisure’ lifestyle," CNN.com, May 11, 2009