(名詞/形容詞) O2O (商務) 模式 (的)。O2O 為 online to offline/online-to-offline 的縮寫。

O2O 是指線上行銷及線上購買帶動離線 (非網路上的) 實體經營和消費的商務模式。這種模式透過線上促銷、打折、提供資訊、服務預訂等方式,把實體商店的訊息推播給網友,從而將他們轉換為實體客戶。這特別適合必須到店裡消費的商品和服務,如餐飲、健身、電影和演唱會、美容美髮及百貨商店等。

The O2O market — where mainland internet retailers are increasingly opting to partner with offline firms to offer traditional brick-and-mortar services in a bid to give shoppers better service — has featured three high-profile deals in 2015 alone.
—See Kit Tang, “What’s O2O? The driver behind Alibaba’s $4.6B deal, that’s what,” CNBC, August 11, 2015

Billions of dollars have poured in to Online to Offline commerce companies in the US and abroad and when you read articles like “O2O is the Holy Grail of the Internet” and “Why O2O is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity,” you get curious.
—AJ Agrawal, “What Is ‘O2O’ and Is it Really a Trillion Dollar Opportunity?,” The Huffington Post, February 3, 2016