library of things

(名詞) 除書籍外還出借工具、設備及其他物品的圖書館。亦縮寫成 LoT

The next time you need binoculars or a Bundt pan, you may not need any money. Instead, your library card could be the key to accessing an array of items, as public libraries across the country expand beyond books and other media.
This so-called “library of things” isn’t an entirely new concept — a Newark, New Jersey, library started circulating framed paintings over a century ago, according to Alex Lent, library director at Millis Public Library in Massachusetts — but it’s now gaining momentum and expanding the role of libraries in communities.
—Susan Johnston Taylor, “Beyond Books: Why Some Libraries Now Lend Tools, Toys and More,” U.S. News and World Report, February 2, 2016

Tentatively scheduled for a spring launch, the Sharing Depot is planned as a community hub where people can lease things like camping gear, sports equipment, kids toys or even supplies for your next house party.
“This will be a real library of things,” said co-founder Ryan Dyment.
—Gilbert Ngabo, “The Sharing Depot: Toronto company wants to bring ‘library of stuff’ to city,” Metro (Toronto), February 24, 2016