digital dualism

(名詞) 數位二元論 - 認為線上與離線是兩個截然不同且獨立之實體的看法。
digital dualist (名詞):數位二元論者。

I agree with most everything he says in the column because, besides the last paragraph, his column is a antidote to digital dualism—the idea that online and offline worlds are somehow separate entities, one "virtual" and the other "real." But his column brings back digital dualism at the end—and does a disservice, in my opinion, to the rest of his points.
—Zeynep Tufekci, "Breaking Bread, Breaking Digital Dualism," Technosociology, February 8, 2012

As someone who runs social media workshops in universities, I've become ever more convinced that many of the confusions which surround digital activity stem from a basic ontological misunderstanding of what online activity is. It's too frequently construed as something distinct from the 'real' world.

The reasons for this distinction, which has pithily been named digital dualism, are a fascinating question in their own right.
—Mark Carrigan, "Some quick thoughts about sociological realism and digital life," The Sociological Imagination, June 29, 2012