dark social

(名詞) 隱密的社交 - 不公開且無法直接追蹤或記錄的線上社交互動。

It’s increasing the demand for “dark social” apps that provide ways to talk through on digital media without leaving an easily traceable footprint. Snapchat’s messages disappear after being seen or read (although not necessarily securely). Meanwhile, Yahoo's new LiveText livestream video chat service will also have conversation delete after the user closes the session.
—Michelle Castillo, “Firms offer ‘dark social’ to protect your privacy,” CNBC, July 31, 2015

Although many brands are looking to tap into the power of influencers on public social networks, for example, savvy marketers are beginning to explore the opportunity of reaching consumers through private social channels such as messaging apps, sometimes referred to as ‘dark social’.
—Charlotte Rogers, “What’s next for influencer marketing?,” Marketing Week, June 16, 2016