glowing rectangle

(名詞) 會發光的長方形 - 對智慧型手機、平板、筆電或電腦等之螢幕的諷刺性或嘲弄性稱呼。

While I believe all of these apps are great learning tools, they are in no way a substitute for real-world learning. Indeed, children should learn about the world around them first-hand, not at the end of yet another glowing rectangle.
—Jonathan Deesing, "Educational apps the smart way to keep kids entertained," Deseret News, July 12, 2012

There's a business problem on the horizon here: the app economy, social networks, online publishers and others all have business models dependent on driving as many clicks as possible and keeping as many eyeballs as possible glued to small, glowing rectangles for as long as possible.
—Alex Dalenberg, "If the Web makes us miserable, is it possible to build products that don't?," Upstart Business Journal, September 4, 2013