vulgarity gap

(名詞) 不同世代或社區對粗俗 (vulgarity) 容忍程度的差異。

Nothing dates a Boomer so fast as to wince at expletives and vulgar humor. Yet a quick look at Adult Swim, Family Guy, and quickly show that Millennials are perfectly comfortable with language and humor that makes my generation blush.
—"Millennial Marketing: The Vulgarity Gap," Millennial Marketing, March 27, 2009

Then there’s the matter of the so-called "vulgarity gap." It has become a cliché to posit that millennials/Generation Y have an ease with crudeness that distinguishes them from their parents’ generation.
—John Doyle, "TV trend alert: young people mocking older people," The Globe and Mail, September 17, 2013