(名詞) 因醫生廣泛採用的錯誤或有害的醫療程序或醫療措施而普遍造成的疾病或傷害。亦寫成 iatro-epidemic

與 "iatrogenic" (adj. 因醫生的診斷或醫治而引起的) 一樣,這個字也源自希臘文,其中 iatros = doctor, epi = on, demos = people。然而,iatrogenic 事件所造成的疾病或傷害是偶然的、隨機的,但 iatroepidemic 卻是經常性的、普遍性的,因此會使許多人受害或死亡 - 不過,iatroepidemic 基本上是可預防的。

Injury from medical treatment in the U.S. accounts for more deaths than all other accidents combined. Detrimental effects have become so extensive as to prompt the use of the term "iatroepidemic".
—Sree Sai Phiro Yogi, "Hazards of Modern Medicine," Fibromyalgia-Back Pain-R Arthritis-Immune Boosters. Research Medicine & Cure, July 19, 2008

Medical practice, too, experiences "surgical fads" and "iatro-epidemics"—epidemics caused by fashions in treatment—like the iatro-epidemic of children's tonsillectomies that swept the United States and parts of Europe in the mid-20th century.
—James Gleick, "What Defines a Meme?," Smithsonian Magazine, May 1, 2011