I need a swim, I'm bacon/我需要游泳,我是「鹹」豬肉

A pig goes for a dip on Pig Beach
A pig goes for a swim in the crystal clear waters off the island of Big Major Spot in the Bahamas.

Known locally as 'Pig Beach', the waterfront sees brown and pink feral pigs and piglets taking a dip in the waters, and being fed by locals as they trot along the tropical beach.

After lounging in the sun the piglets run into the water, and even sometimes swim out to incoming boats. (Metro)


go for a swim -- (v.) (去) 游泳。與 go swimming 同義。「go for a + 活動」意為「去進行某活動」(= go + V-ing),如 go for a picnic = go picnicking (去野餐)。

crystal clear -- (adj.) 1. 清澈的;明淨的 2. 顯而易見的;清晰明瞭的。

waters -- (n.) (複數) 水域;海域。

off -- (prep.) 在…附近/旁邊;靠近海岸的。例如:waters off the island of Big Major Spot:靠近 Big Major Spot 島的水域;The restaurant is just off the main road. (餐廳就在大路附近)。

waterfront -- (n.) 濱水地區。

feral -- (adj.) 野生的。

take a dip -- (v.) (口語) (去) 游泳。亦寫成 have a dip 或 go for a dip。

trot -- (v.) 快步行走。

tropical -- (adj.) 熱帶的。

lounge -- (v.) 閒逛。