Hi-tech toaster/高科技烤麵包機

Hi-tech toaster
Burned or underdone toast could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new glass toaster - which lets you see your bread as it browns.

Bread is placed between two sheets of heated glass and cooked in full view so you can eject your slice at the perfect moment.

No longer will you need to put the bread back down and run the risk of burning your breakfast.

Melinda Hart, from product developer Inventables, said: 'This transparent toaster allows you to see bread while it is toasting so you're never surprised by toast that comes out too dark.

This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology. However, the current design only fits one piece of bread at a time. (Daily Mail)


burned -- (adj.) 烤焦的。

underdone -- (adj.) 未烤熟的。

toast -- (n.) 土司。

thanks to -- (phr.) 由於;拜…之賜。

toaster -- (n.) 烤麵包機;烤爐;烤箱。

brown -- (v.) 變成褐色 (或棕色)。

two sheets of heated glass -- (phr.) 兩塊被加熱的玻璃。glass 為不可數名詞,若要表示數量,須使用 piece, sheet 等量詞,如 a piece of glass, two sheets of glass。

in full view -- (phr.) 大家都看得到。

eject -- (v.) 跳出:退出。

run the risk of (doing sth) -- (phr.) 冒著 (做某事) 的風險。例如:You run the risk of upsetting her if you tell her the truth. (如果你告訴她真相,可能會使她難過)

transparent -- (adj.) 透明的。

toast -- (v.) 烤 (麵包等)。