(名詞) 某物體或場地適合遛滑板的程度。亦寫成 skate-ability
skateable (形容詞):某物體或場地適合遛滑板的。

Their second powerful argument for rejecting the new skate site and the funds to make it fit their purposes is that iconic skate spaces are found, indeed taken. Such places are not offered and certainly not designed.

And yet within the last decade, the Southbank Centre got planning permission on behalf of the skateboarders to improve the skateability of the existing space.
—Jude Kelly, "Southbank skateboarders must see the big picture," Evening Standard, June 7, 2013

The fall of 2002 the city closed LOVE Park for a renovation to add features that would reduce the "skateability" of the Park. City youths hosted a massive protest against the renovation.
—Jennifer Hensell, "Love Park Philadelphia," Free Tours By Foot, August 23, 2014