(名詞) 被網路釣魚詐騙的人。這個字是由 phishing + fool 拼綴而成。

Technically, "phishing" is the scam whereby fraudsters persuade you to part with your financial details, using emails and websites that look trustworthy. But Shiller and Akerlof argue that deception and manipulation aren't confined to the fringes of the economy; instead, they're central to how consumer capitalism works. We're being phished all the time (making us, in their terminology, phools).
—Oliver Burkeman, "Exploiting gullible people is a modern form of mining," The Guardian (London), August 7, 2015

Free markets 'phish' for phools by making us do things which are good for others, but not necessarily good for ourselves.
—Winston Yap, "George A. Akerlof — Phishing for Phools," The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 14, 2015