(動名詞/現在分詞) 劫持無人飛機 (The hijacking of a drone) - 包括劫持實體的無人飛機或破壞無人飛機的導航系統。亦寫成 drone-jacking
dronejack (動詞):劫持無人飛機。
dronejacker (名詞):劫持無人飛機的人。

With the planned integration of civilian drones in the American airspace, these problems might be coming to the U.S. The FAA must come up with new rules to allow for a freer use of drones in America by 2015 and, apart from worrying about possible collisions between manned and unmanned aircrafts, now the FAA might have to worry about people hijacking drones with spoofing devices.

What's worse, the experiment at White Sands shows that drone-jacking is "just the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger security issue we have in this country," according to Logan Scott, a GPS industry consultant who has worked for defense giants like Lockheed Martin.
—Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, "Drone Hijacking? That's Just the Start of GPS Troubles," Wired, July 6, 2012

I'm concerned about physical hijacking (dronejacking?).
—jobigoud, "Delivery by drone in Sydney" (comment), Reddit, October 14, 2013