(名詞) 試管肉 (用試管培育出來的肉)。亦寫成 schmeat。這個字是由 sheet + meat 拼綴而成。

註:shmeat 亦可指用素食材料做成的「素食肉」。

Another challenge is what many call the "yuck" factor. Cultured meat has already been dubbed "Franken-meat" or even "schmeat," though it may be appealing to some vegetarians and others who oppose using animals for food.
—Marta Zaraska, "Lab-grown beef taste test: 'Almost' like a burger," The Washington Post, August 5, 2013

Chances are you will have seen or read about science's latest ground-breaking effort: producing meat in a test tube. It got its first showing last week in the form of a hamburger pattie. Shmeat, they call it, and the taste testers gave it a resounding thumbs down.

Shmeat means "a sheet of meat" but I suspect you could make a case for another definition, going by the taste test.
—Ed Gannon, "Shmeat argument is very hard to swallow," Herald Sun, August 16, 2013