go up; go up to; go with; go without; goof around; goof off; goof up

go up
The price of petrol has gone up sharply because of the increase in duty in the Government's budget.

go up
Skyscrapers are going up everywhere in the city centre.

go up
發出 (聲音)
A huge cheer went up when the president arrived.

go up
(在比賽中) 晉級
The top three teams go up at the end of the season.

go up to +
(英) 上大學 (尤指上牛津或劍橋大學)
She went up to Cambridge after she finished secondary school.

go up to +
The book only goes up to the start of the Second World War.

go with +
(衣服等) 搭配;相配
That shirt doesn't go with those pants.
Does this tie go with my shirt?

go with +
I am going with Susan to the party.
A lot of benefits go with the job.

go with +
We're going with our original plan in the end.

go with +
與 (異性) 交往,與 (某人) 談戀愛
I am going with Yuri.
She's been going with him since she was at university.

go without +
A person can go without water for three days.
I had to go without lunch today because I didn't have any time.

go without +
沒有 (某物) 也行;沒有 (某物) 也得將就
They're not coming, so we'll have to go without their help.

goof around
We spent the weekend goofing around.

goof off
We goofed off for the afternoon to watch the match.

goof * up +
They goofed up our plans.