(名詞) 腕上型電腦 - 戴在手腕上使用的電腦或類似裝置。亦寫成 wristtop, wrist topwristop。參考 desktop (computer):桌上型電腦;laptop (computer):膝上型電腦,即筆記型電腦。
wrist-top (形容詞):腕上型電腦的。

All of this was going to change when Apple finally entered the category with its smart watch. Many observers hoped that Apple’s design principles, obsession with simplicity, and track record of delighting users with easy-to-use products, are going to finally give the world a useful and fun wearable. Instead, we got a good-looking wrist-top computer.
—Gil Press, “The New Apple Wristop Computer: A Missed Opportunity To Define The Internet Of Things,” Forbes, September 21, 2014

Garmin has long been a player in the sport and fitness watch market, with current offerings like the vivoactive HR and f?nix 3 preceded by wrist-tops like the Forerunner 201.
—C.C. Weiss, “Garmin gets fashionable with vivomove analog fitness watch,” Gizmag, May 6, 2016