(名詞) 將傳統上屬於男性的事物與典型的女性特質、觀點或想法產生關連,以使它們更有趣或更吸引女性。亦寫成 pink-ification

Even the market has latched on to the 'pinkification' of several products to make them more appealing to girls as young as six and to women in their 20s and 30s — from Barbie dolls to cellphones to laptops to accessories, just name it.
—Haimanti Mukherjee, "Why colour pink is stereotyping," Wonder Woman, March 2, 2010

Yet, examples of tech's pinkification persist.

In February, at a Harvard event designed to get women interested in computer science, sponsor Goldman Sachs handed out cosmetic mirrors and nail files.
—Kristen V. Brown, "How not to attract women to coding: Make tech pink," The San Francisco Chronicle (California), July 6, 2014