relaxation drink

(名詞) 鬆弛身心及紓壓用的非酒精性飲料。
relaxation-drink (形容詞):鬆弛身心及紓壓用的非酒精性飲料的。

relaxation drink 又叫做 non-energy drink (非能量飲料)。

While energy drinks are a very competitive segment of the beverage market, he said, Chillo — which has a slight hint of citrus but no medicinal aftertaste — has its own niche. "There are a couple of other hemp drinks out there, but they're billed as relaxation drinks, rather than energy drinks," Behar said.
—Mimi Whitefield, "Thousands expected to attend the 14th Americas Food & Beverage Show," The Miami Herald, October 22, 2010

Has the energy-drink craze peaked? Drinks like Slow Cow, Vacation in a Bottle and Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda are the anti-Red Bull: they're loaded with natural — though not necessarily F.D.A.-certified — relaxants like melatonin, hops, linden, kava extract and valerian....IBISWorld, a market-research company, says it expects the relaxation-drink category to reach sales of $68 million this year. —Clay Risen, "Relaxation Drinks," The New York Times, December 19, 2010