(名詞) 包括做臉 (facial) 和全身按摩 (full-body massage) 在內的溫泉療法 (spa treatment)。這個字是由 facial + massage 拼綴而成。

One of their more distinct services, Fassage, combines a full-body massage with a classic facial all in the comfort of one room ($164).
—Catherine Del Casale, "Coastal Fashion: Rehab for the Soul at Spa Gregorie's," Newport Beach Independent, November 27, 2014

Already feeling pretty Zen, I zombie-walked into the relaxation area and to a private room to try a Fassage, whatever that was. Apparently, it's the single most blissful experience one human can apply to another.
—James Diana, "A girly spa from a man's point of view," Orlando Business Journal, March 4, 2015