hunker down; hunt down; hunt out; hunt up; hush up

hunker down
The children hunkered down in the yard playing a game with five stones.

hunt * down +
The police hunted the killer down.

hunt * out +
找出;找到;努力尋找;(為逮捕或殺死而) 找出;捕獵並殺絕
It took me ages to hunt out the photos.

hunt * up +
(在書籍、文件等中) 搜尋,尋找;找到 (信息、資料)
He hunted up a copy of the book in the library.

hush * up +
不讓 (事件) 宣揚出去;不讓 (事件) 聲張;閉口不談
The company tried to hush up the scandal, but it still got into the newspapers.