(形容詞) 認為吃一隻動物必須從鼻子到尾巴、每個部位 (包括內臟和血液) 都不能浪費的理念或運動的。

The "nose-to-tail" philosophy, which has been so heartily adopted over the past few years, has not been a conscious effort of education, it is for me a byproduct of this search for pleasure.
—Fergus Henderson, "Feet, glands, shanks, tripe. That's what I like to eat," The Observer, April 27, 2014

In culinary terms, it's called nose-to-tail.

It's the basis of traditional European cuisine and the cooking styles of most indigenous populations on Earth. If you're going to bother to hunt and slaughter an animal for food, then every single edible piece of the animal, from its nose to its tail, gets used somehow, some way.
—Neil Godbout, "Wanting a piece of the pie," Prince George Citizen (British Columbia), June 17, 2014