(名詞) 超級社區改造 (指非常有錢的富豪遷入原已富裕的地方或中產階級社區而使後者獲得更進一步改善或發展的過程)。
super-gentrify (動詞):超級社區改造。

註:gentrification 意為「社區改造」,指較富有的人遷入原來窮人居住的地方而使後者獲得改善、中產階級化或貴族化的過程。這個字可追溯到大約 1973 年,現今在字典都可查得到。

Exploding London property prices have created a new phenomenon of "super-gentrification" that forces "ordinary" middle-class residents out of newly smart neighbourhoods, a report claims today.
—Jonathan Prynn, "New wave of rich home buyers are pushing out the middle classes," London Evening Standard, October 4, 2013

Postcode 94027 is now undergoing something of a "super-gentrification", where an entirely new strata of super-rich are taking over already affluent areas.
—Julie Ensor, "The sleepy American suburb turned super-rich playground," The Telegraph (London), October 11, 2014