(動名詞) 只要地點、時間或情況許可就利用行動裝置和無線技術來執行工作的工作方式。亦寫成 work-shifting

Did you go into the office this past Labor Day weekend? Did you work this past Labor Day weekend? If your answer to the first question is "no" but you answered "yes" to the second," you and your business are part of the growing trend toward workshifting.
—Rieva Lesonsky, "How Workshifting Is Changing the Way We Work," Small Business Trends, September 7, 2011

Trends such as IT consumerization, worker mobility, cloud computing and workshifting mean that more people are accessing enterprise desktops, applications and data from more places and in more ways than ever before.
—"Essar Group implements large scale Citrix Desktop virtualization Solution," The CTO Forum, December 21, 2011