(動詞) 偷看 (別人正在看或正在寫的文字)。亦寫成 eaves-read。cf. eavesdrop (偷聽 [別人的談話];竊聽)。
eavesreading (現在分詞/動名詞)
eavesreader (名詞):偷看者 (偷看別人正在看或正在寫的文字的人)。

I call the Starbucks near my house my auxiliary office. …I have coworkers there, the same people who are always there working too. There's the middle-aged woman who talks on her phone way too loud. …There's the guy about my age whom I learned through eavesreading is submitting his own writing to literary journals.
—Lauren Harrison, "May 07, 2014," Lauren Harrison Editorial, May 7, 2014

A less intimidating/eye-contact-y way of discovering your OTP than those 36 infamous questions. Eleanor and Park's epic love story begins when Eleanor peeks over Park's shoulder on the bus to school to "eavesread" his comics.
—Caroline Goldstein, "7 Things Only Rainbow Rowell Fans Know, Like The Aphrodisiacal Powers of an Endearing Jawline," Bustle, February 17, 2015