busy brain

(名詞) 白天思緒雜亂、焦慮、注意力無法集中而晚上失眠的精神狀態。

In the neurofeedback training system that computer scientist Shane Dunne designed for his son, Sam, electrodes placed on the boy's head fed information about the electrical activity of his brain into an animated maze..."Busy-brain" (high beta) brain waves, associated with anxiety. Sam's levels were initially too high.
—Anne McIlroy, "Researchers explore how video game technology can treat brain disorders" (subscription required), The Globe and Mail, June 4, 2010

"Balancing the demands of career, family and social commitments — and the non-stop connectedness of our lifestyles — can lead to over-stimulation and constant mental agitation," said certified nutritionist Michele McRae, Rainbow Light's Director of Formulation and Quality. "When the mind is racing and stressed out, it can be difficult to focus and think clearly during the day, or sleep well at night. We call this 'misfiring,' or 'busy brain.'"
—"The Secret Life of Busy Brains," EarthTimes, November 17, 2010