go off; go off with; go on; go on about; go on at; go on to; go on with

go off
(炸彈) 爆炸
The bomb could go off at any moment.

go off
(警報等) 響起來
The fire alarm went off because someone was smoking in the toilets.

go off
(食物等) 變壞,變質
The milk went off because I forgot to put it in the fridge.

go off +
I went off her when she lied to me.

go off
離開 (某地方)
Please don't go off until we have sorted this out.

go off
The party went off well.

go off
Maria went off last night after I told her about losing her bike.

go off
(電器或電子設備) 被關掉;斷電
The lights go off automatically when the office is empty.

go off with + (someone)
私奔;(帶某人) 私自逃走
She went off with her friend's husband.

go off with + (something)
He went off with my credit cards.

go on
繼續 (說下去,做下去)
Please, go on. Don't let me interrupt you.
He went on and on talking and I was so bored.

go on
This place is a mess! What went on here last night?
There are loads of people out in the street; what's going on?

go on
They asked me how the project was going on.

go on
(電器或電子設備) 開動,運轉
The alarm goes on when you close the front door.

go on +
服用 (藥物)
He needs to go on stronger medication.

go on +
開始做 (某事)
I go on duty in half an hour.

go on +
The investigators have no clues to go on.

go on +
(時間) 過去,流逝,持續
It's going on ten years since we met.

go on +
(金錢、時間) 花在,用於
Most of my salary goes on my mortgage repayments.

go on
來呀,繼續吧! (用於鼓勵某人做某事)
Go on, try it - it's really good.

go on about +
He's always going on about his kids.

go on at +
He went on at his parents until they bought him the game.

go on to +
繼續前進到 (某地),繼續向 (某地) 前進
We had dinner and went on to a few bars.

go on with +
I think we should go on with the meeting and stop wasting time.
Please go on with your work.