reluctant landlord

(名詞) 勉強出租房子的房東 (房子賣不出去,不得已只好將房子出租的人)。

When Ray Frye put his Lewis Center home on the market for $245,000 earlier this year, he hoped to get offers for at least $235,000....Frye instead joined the growing club of reluctant landlords, homeowners who rent out their home after failing to sell it.
—Jim Weiker, "No sale? Homeowners try renting," The Columbus Dispatch, October 3, 2010

"Rents are jumping up as more and more potential home buyers opt to rent," said David Newnes, LSL's estate agency managing director....Furthermore, the huge number of reluctant landlords we saw renting out property last year have now had the opportunity to bank their gains and sell up."
—"Rents 'at highest for two years' as landlords sell up," BBC News, September 17, 2010