cuffing season

(名詞) 晚秋初冬的季節 - 在此季節,單身人士紛紛尋求異性關係、希望一起共享體溫來度過未來數個月的嚴寒長夜。亦寫成 cuffin season
cuff (動詞):單身人士在晚秋初冬的季節尋求異性關係。
cuffer (名詞):在晚秋初冬的季節尋求異性關係的單身人士。

Every year at the beginning of autumn, a phenomenon known as "cuffing season" begins. When the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity of the fall and winter months are around the corner, many single people are inspired to "cuff" a new partner.
—Nikki Lynette, "All breakups are bad breakups," Chicago Redeye, August 27, 2013

It's that time of year. Not for turkey and stocking stuffers, but for giving and getting some good lovin'.

We've entered cuffing season.

Like many trends starting in hip-hop and black culture, the term cuffing season has become the latest not-so-new phenomenon to hit the mainstream.
—Sofiya Ballin, "Cuffing season, for serious coupling," Philadelphia Inquirer, November 12, 2014