(名詞) 單月假期:新婚夫妻各自所度的假期,以別於兩人一起度的蜜月假期。亦寫成 unimoon。這個字是由 uni- (one, single;單,一) + honeymoon 拼綴而成。

There's [sic] always going to be new trends in weddings. From a hairstyle ever [sic] bride wants to wear to a type of picture people seem to be taking, every season brings something new. But there is one new trend I just can't even wrap my head around.

They're called uni-moons and they are apparently honeymoons you go on by yourself.
—Nancy Hall, "The Worst Wedding Trend Ever," Fun 107, January 2, 2015

Busy lives lead couples to take separate honeymoons. You heard correctly. Some people are actually taking honeymoons without their spouses called "unimoons." … Demanding jobs and conflicting schedules lead to the separate post-wedding trips.
—Larry Dowdy, "How busy is too busy," Sunny 93.5, January 6, 2015