(名詞) 故意什麼事都不做。亦寫成 zero tasking, zerotasking。cf. multi-tasking (多工)。
zero-task (動詞):故意不做 (任何事情)。
zero-tasker (名詞):故意什麼事都不做的人。

This reporter saw Jan Hill at Wal-Mart last week. She was proudly wearing a shirt that said "zero-tasking" — the absolute opposite from the multi-tasking she's done the last two decades as the Burlington Public School secretary.
—Yvonne Miller, "Jan Hill trades in multi-tasking for biking and grandkids' activities," The Alva Review-Courier, July 17, 2013

What is zero-tasking? It means being, not doing. It means taking those 60 minutes and just doing nothing. Simply rest, relax, de-stress and de-load (the opposite of overload). It means just breathing—in and out, over and over—and marveling at the fact that you can breathe, that you are alive, that you are here.
—Nancy Christie, "Today is Zero-Tasking Day—Did you zero-task?," Make a Change Blog, November 3, 2013