(名詞) 度假傳教:度假時從事短期傳教工作的人。這個字是由 vacation + missionary 拼綴而成。

Not long ago, the families of Fairfax Presbyterian Church spent thousands of dollars to fly their teens to Mexico for eight days of doing good. They helped build homes and refurbish churches as part of an army of more than 1 million mostly Christians who annually go on short-term international mission trips to work and evangelize in poverty-stricken lands....

Critics scornfully call such trips "religious tourism" undertaken by "vacationaries."
—Jacqueline L. Salmon, "Churches Retool Mission Trips," The Washington Post, July 5, 2008

His accusations, now pouring forth with considerable force, were directed at the naive "vacationaries" spending millions of dollars traveling to his country, creating a welfare economy that deprives people of the pride of their own accomplishments.
—Robert D. Lupton, Toxic Charity, HarperOne, October 11, 2011