(名詞) 當天往返、無需過夜的旅遊或其他短程的旅遊。這個字是由 day 和 vacation 拼綴而成。亦寫成 day-cation
daycationer (名詞):從事當天往返或其他短程旅遊的人。

If you don't have the time or the money for vacation this summer, maybe you can spare a few hours for a daycation. Somewhere between the staycations of 2008 and the naycations of last year there's the daycation trend of 2010.
—Christopher Elliott, "6 tips for taking a summer daycation,", July 6, 2010

Seniors are invited to take a "daycation," a day traveling with a group of people using the bus and/or light rail system to entertainment and shopping destinations throughout the area.
—"Campbell shorts," San Jose Mercury News, April 15, 2010