get up; get up to; give away; give back; give in; give in to; give it to; give it up for; give it up to; give of

get * up
使 (某人) 起立,站起來,起床
John got Tom up at 5:30 in the morning by turning the music up really loud.

get up
What time did you get up this morning?

get * up +
Local people got up a petition against the factory closure.

get up to +
做 (壞事或不該做的事)
The children are always getting up to some trouble or other.

give * away +
(父母將當新娘的女兒) 交給 (新郎)
He gave his daughter away and told the groom to look after her.

give * away +
In this issue of the magazine, they are giving away a free DVD.

give * away +
He decided to give his new album away in a magazine.

give * away +
洩漏 (秘密);告發
She didn't give anything away about the party so it came as a complete surprise to me.

give * away +
送分 (因離譜的錯誤而失分)
They gave away two goals in the first half.

give * away +
(將不想要的嬰兒) 送給別人 (扶養)
She had to give her baby away as she couldn't afford to bring it up.

give * away +
出賣,告發 (某人)
The gang gave him away to the police.

give * away +
(拳擊、賽馬等) (在重量上) 對方佔優勢
He is giving away thirty pounds to the challenger.

give * back +
When are you going to give that book back to your teacher?

give in
Never give in! You can do it!

give in
They gave in when the police surrounded the building.

give * in +
交給;交上 (作業等)
She came to the class with a piece of work she should have given in last week.

give in to +
The government says it will not give in to terrorists.

give in to +
Eventually, I gave in to my anger and screamed at them.

give it to +
(因某事而) 嚴厲責備或處罰 (某人)
They really gave it to me for forgetting to turn up.

give it up for +
Please give it up for our next guest.

give it up to +
Please give it up to our next guest.

give of +
奉獻或獻出 (自己的時間或金錢以幫助他人)
He gave of his free time to help the club.