pop-up store

(名詞) 臨時性商店 (僅開設數週或幾個月就關閉的商店)。亦叫做 pop-up retailer

這種零售業型態於 2004 年間發源於美國,零售商 (大多是品牌零售商) 在商業鬧區或其他據點設立臨時店鋪推銷其品牌或以某一季節性的消費者為其銷售對象,由於銷售的商品都是主流或限量發行的商品,因此往往能吸引大批消費者的青睞。這種商店由於事先並不做任何宣傳和廣告,而是突然間出現在街頭某處,快速吸引消費者,在經營短暫時間後旋即又消失不見,因而被稱為「臨時性商店」。pop-up 在英文中意為「突然彈出的」。

[A] growing number of merchants are opening shops and abruptly shutting them down soon after — on purpose. These quickie retail operations — known as pop-ups — are showing up throughout Southern California and around the nation, filling in the gaps at recession-battered shopping centers for a fraction of the regular rents. Once limited to seasonal shops and dusty liquidation centers, pop-up stores are now being opened by some of the nation's biggest retailers.
—Andrea Chang, "'Pop-up' stores becoming an overnight sensation," Los Angeles Times, October 17, 2009